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Updated on July 2024

Top Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024

Unlock unparalleled advantages with our top-rated reseller hosting plans – minimal restrictions, stellar support, and exclusive features! Launch your business confidently with ResellerClub and ChemiCloud, as recommended by our experts for their exceptional reseller services. These industry leaders ensure a seamless start for your venture.

InMotion Hosting review
121 user reviews

$ 13.99/ mo

Plan Name Space Accounts Bandwidth Price Score Action
R-1000N 80 GB SSD 25 cPanel 1000 GB $13.99 4.8 View Plan
R-2000N 160 GB NVMe 50 cPanel 2000 GB $39.99 4.8 View Plan
R-3000N 200 GB NVMe 80 cPanel Unlimited $49.99 4.9 View Plan

Chemicloud review
198 user reviews

$ 19.95 / mo

Plan Name Space Accounts Bandwidth Price Score Action
Kickstart 60 GB NVMe 30 cPanel Accounts 3 TB Bandwidth $19.95 4.8 View Plan
Grow 90 GB NVMe 60 cPanel Accounts 6 TB Bandwidth $24.95 4.8 View Plan
Expand 140 GB NVMe 80 cPanel Accounts 9 TB Bandwidth $39.95 4.7 View Plan

Interserver review
156 user reviews

$ 19.95 / mo

Plan Name Space Accounts Bandwidth Price Score Action
RS One 80 GB SSD Unlimited 500 GB $19.95 4.8 View Plan
RS Two 120 GB SSD Unlimited 700 GB $29.95 4.6 View Plan
RS Three 160 GB SSD Unlimited 1000 GB $39.95 4.7 View Plan

ResellerClub review
159 user reviews

1499 / mo

Plan Name Space Accounts Bandwidth Price Score Action
Essential 40 GB SSD 25 cPanel 800 GB $19.95 4.8 View Plan
Advance 50 GB SSD 35 cPanel 1000 GB $29.95 4.6 View Plan
Pro 100 GB SSD 45 cPanel 2000 GB $39.95 4.7 View Plan

AccuWebHosting review
182 user reviews

$ 11.99 / mo

Plan Name Space Accounts Bandwidth Price Score Action
Bronze Plan 30 GB SSD 5 cPanel 100 GB $11.99 4.5 View Plan
Silver Plan 100 GB SSD 30 cPanel 300 GB $29.99 4.6 View Plan
Gold Plan 150 GB SSD 50 cPanel 600 GB $49.99 4.6 View Plan

Verpex review
156 user reviews

$ 11.99 / mo

Plan Name Space Accounts Bandwidth Price Score Action
Startup Reseller 50 GB NVMe 15 cPanel Unlimited $11.99 4.7 View Plan
Pro Reseller 250 GB NVMe 50 cPanel Unlimited $20.00 4.8 View Plan
Ultimate Reseller Unlimited 50 cPanel Unlimited $39.99 4.7 View Plan

1. What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting empowers web design firms, freelancers, and software programming companies to vend domain names, hosting plans, and additional services to clients. In essence, a reseller plan involves subleasing a portion of your server space. As a reseller hosting provider, you procure a hosting package from a provider at wholesale rates, determining retail prices and performance specs for your customers.

The top reseller hosting providers offer white-labeling for their reseller packages, allowing you to present their services as your own web hosting business. While the hosting company manages the infrastructure, you operate the business, retaining the profits.

Linux reseller web hosting plans typically include essential software for managing reselling businesses:

  • cPanel: Control panel software with a user-friendly interface for website and server infrastructure management.
  • WHM: Web Host Manager, an administration portal for resellers to oversee individual cPanel accounts.
  • WHMCS: An automation platform streamlining business functions like client purchases, billing, and customer support.

Resellers can utilize cPanel and WHM to craft unique hosting plans with individual cPanel accounts and hardware configurations for clients. Billing is flexible, allowing resellers to invoice clients at prices of their choosing through WHMCS.

Alternative reseller hosting forms provide ready-made storefront apps, showcasing the main company’s products under your brand and logo. This enables small business owners in web development to directly sell shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server products to customers. A storefront application often includes a payment gateway for seamless eCommerce transactions with your customers.

2. Why Should Use a Reseller Hosting Service?

Reseller hosting is an optimal solution for web development companies engaged in continuous maintenance of client websites and mobile apps. This business model allows your company to seamlessly integrate design, programming, hosting packages, and domain name services, enabling convenient monthly or annual invoicing for clients’ hosting accounts. Beyond creating an additional revenue stream, reseller hosting serves as a gateway to efficient website management and maintenance.

Utilizing WHMCS and cPanel account administration ensures effortless management of each client’s services, with added security through account segregation and user password login protection.

While reseller hosting services may vary, A2 Hosting, for instance, provides reseller hosts with a minimum of 60GB of SSD storage, which can be allocated among customers as needed. A2 Hosting’s reseller plans are competitively priced, comparable to most VPS hosting services.

Alternatively, companies like SiteGround offer more economical unlimited website hosting plans featuring a single management dashboard. These budget-friendly options enable you to enjoy discounted wholesale web hosting resources that can be marked up for your clients.

For those inclined to host all clients on SiteGround, their reseller plan presents an attractive opportunity to boost profit margins.

Constructing your own web hosting site using platforms like WHMCS, ClientExec, or Enom for domain name registration can be labor-intensive. Opting for a storefront app or white-label service streamlines the process, offering a simpler initiation.

3. How Much Cost Reseller Hosting Plan?

Reseller plans, in a sense, compete with shared web hosting, offering support for unlimited domains, unmetered bandwidth, and storage – the very services you extend to clients. A more accurate comparison might align with VPS or dedicated hosting options, featuring finite storage and monthly bandwidth allocations for distribution.

Here are some of the top reseller hosting deals for 2023:

  • InMotion Hosting: $15.99/month
  • A2 Hosting: $24.99/month
  • HostGator: $19.95/month
  • SiteGround: $3.99/month
  • Liquid Web: $99.00/month

Reseller hosting plans typically range from $10 to $25 monthly, contingent on the contract duration. Key considerations include the inclusion of WHMCS and cPanel licenses, along with the number of unique cPanel logins provided.

With white-label reseller plans, you gain the flexibility to sell domain names, VPS plans, dedicated servers, and SSL certificates at your chosen price. As your company expands, be prepared to progress through multiple tiers or levels of a reseller hosting plan. White-label offerings encompass managed hosting, datacenter support, and incremental upgrades over time. Aim for a reseller plan below $20 per month and scale up as required.

4. How to Start a Profitable Reseller Hosting Business?

Now that you grasp the workings of reseller hosting as a business, let’s delve into how you can monetize it effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide to kickstart your reseller hosting venture:

  1. Do Your Research:

    • Identify your hosting niche, whether local services, industry-specific hosting, or an add-on for your digital agency. Analyze at least five competitors for core offerings, pricing, and marketing strategies to understand your niche and competition.
  2. Determine Your Core Offerings:

    • Based on your research, decide the types of hosting services and features you want to offer. Explore options such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and additional services like domain management and email features.
  3. Get Your Business in Order:

    • Find a reseller hosting provider that aligns with your offerings. Choose a hosting package, sign up for a reseller account, and create a professional website. Ensure your site is user-friendly, contains essential information, and integrates support features.
  4. Offer Stellar Customer Support:

    • Exceptional customer support is crucial for smaller hosts. Ensure your website is user-friendly, provides live chat support, and guides visitors through the hosting sign-up process. Leverage the support included in your reseller package or supplement it with your team.
  5. Set Up Marketing:

    • Focus on a specific niche to streamline marketing efforts. Determine your marketing approach, whether through a blog, SEO, paid advertising, or affiliate campaigns. Create measurable campaigns and tailor your strategies to reach your target audience.
  6. Profit and Scale:

    • Launch your reseller hosting program and acquire your initial customers. Break even by considering reseller hosting costs, package pricing, and initial startup expenses. Reinvest profits to attract more customers and turn a sustainable profit over time.
  7. Customer Retention:

    • The lifetime value of customers in reseller hosting is high. Prioritize providing excellent service to retain customers for the long term. Reinvest in customer acquisition, knowing that each new customer contributes significantly to your business’s value.

By choosing a niche, understanding your market, providing exceptional services, and focusing on customer satisfaction, you can build a successful reseller hosting business and generate steady income.

5. How WHMCS used in Reseller Hosting Plan?

Resellers leverage WHMCS to craft shared hosting plans featuring diverse storage, bandwidth, and configuration settings, subsequently invoiced to clients. Billing intervals, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually, are customizable, and distinct cPanel logins can be managed for each client account. WHMCS seamlessly integrates with the cPanel and WHM tandem, necessitating CentOS, Ubuntu, or CloudLinux for operation.

Key Components of a WHMCS Reseller Plan:

  1. WHM: Collaborates with cPanel, providing administrative functions for web servers.
  2. WHMCS: Facilitates billing for web hosting plans on annual or monthly cycles.
  3. cPanel: Renowned for domain management, database, FTP, and email configurations.
  4. ClientExec: Functions as an eCommerce solution in web hosting, akin to WHMCS.
  5. Enom: Grants the capability to franchise as a white-label domain name registrar.

For resellers aspiring to offer branded shared cPanel hosting plans, selecting a reseller hosting plan inclusive of a WHMCS license is prudent. Some providers extend bulk licensing for distinct cPanel logins, often priced around $1 each or included in specific reseller plan tiers. As your reseller hosting needs evolve, seamless progression to higher-tier plans ensures augmented SSD storage, monthly bandwidth, and RAM allocations.

WHMCS also serves as a tool for automated invoicing of products such as SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses, and domain names. Prior to commitment, ascertain the licensing costs for WHMCS and validate the cPanel account allocations within your chosen reseller plan.

Top 5 Hosting Providers
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