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Resellerclub Review

ResellerClub, wherein success meets innovation in the realm of web hosting offerings. For the past 15 years, ResellerClub has been a stalwart associate for internet professionals, presenting a diverse array of web hosting services coupled with lightning-rapid and superior 24x7 support.
9.2/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #12 in category Hosting

Welcome to the dynamic international community of ResellerClub, wherein success meets innovation in the realm of web hosting offerings. For the past 15 years, ResellerClub has been a stalwart associate for internet professionals, presenting a diverse array of web hosting services coupled with lightning-rapid and superior 24×7 support. 

With a global footprint spanning over 150 countries, ResellerClub proudly serves a robust network of more than 200,000 clients, managing an awesome 5 million-plus domains. 

This isn’t always only a journey; it is a testimony to our commitment to excellence, reflected in the honour of being the very best-rated provider within the industry. Join us as we redefine the limits of internet website hosting, empowering you to flourish within the digital view. 

Pros and Cons

Check the pros & cons of hosting

  • Diverse Hosting Services: ResellerClub offers a huge range of web hosting offerings, catering to the diverse desires of web professionals, from shared hosting to dedicated servers. 
  • 15 Years of Experience: With a decade and a half of industry experience, ResellerClub brings a wealth of expertise to the desk, ensuring reliability and balance for its users. 
  • Global Reach: Serving over 200,000 customers across 100 locations, ResellerClub has installed a global presence, supplying website hosting answers to a widespread and various consumer base. 
  • 5 Million Domains Management: The remarkable wide variety of domains under ResellerClub’s control showcases its scalability and ability to handle a huge extent of online property. 
  • 24×7 Superior Support: ResellerClub prides itself on offering fast and advanced 24×7 customer service, ensuring that users get hold of help whenever they want it, fostering an advantageous consumer experience. 
  • Awards and Recognition: Being the best-rated in the industry speaks volumes about the pleasant carrier supplied by ResellerClub, earning it reputation and accolades inside the web website hosting network. 
  • Complexity for Beginners: The variety of services offered is probably overwhelming for beginners, doubtlessly requiring a getting-to-know curve to navigate the diverse alternatives efficiently. 
  • Cost Consideration: While ResellerClub provides satisfactory services, the pricing may be at a better price for some customers, mainly those with good finances. 
  • Limited Freebies: Compared to some competitors, ResellerClub might provide fewer freebies or additional functions bundled with its web hosting plans, which can be an aspect for users searching for extra perks. 

Hosting Plans

Breakdown of Reseller Club plans

Reseller Club offers a variety of hosting plans, suitable for different types of websites. Here is a full breakdown of their plans:

ResellerClub Web Hosting: 

  1. Diverse Hosting Options: Offers loads of hosting services, along with shared website hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. 
  2. 15 Years of Industry Experience: Brings a wealth of expertise and balance with over a decade of experience in the web hosting enterprise. 
  3. Global Presence: Serves over 200,000 customers in 150 locations, managing 5 million-plus domain names. 
  4. 24×7 Superior Support: Ensures dependable customer service 24/7 for assistance with website hosting-related queries. 
  5. Awards and Recognition: Recognized as the very best-rated issuer within the enterprise, showcasing a commitment to career excellence. 
  6. Consideration for Cost: Pricing may be pretty good, so customers must assess their budget in opposition to the presented functions. 
  7. User Interface: Some users may additionally find the manipulation panel much less intuitive as compared to other website hosting companies. 
  8. Limited Data Center Locations: The availability of record facilities can be restrained, potentially affecting overall performance in positive regions. 
  9. Add-on Costs: While primary plans are aggressive, users ought to be aware of potential additional fees for added functions.

ResellerClub Reseller Hosting: 

  1. Versatile Reseller Packages: Offers diverse reseller hosting applications catering to numerous commercial enterprise desires. 
  2. White-label Solutions: Enables resellers to emblem website hosting offerings with their own label for a professional picture. 
  3. Scalable Resources: Provides flexibility for resellers to scale assets based totally on client needs. 
  4. Global Reach: Allows resellers to tap into a worldwide marketplace, serving clients in 150 nations. 
  5. 24×7 Support: Ensures resellers obtain activation and advanced aid for technical queries or assistance. 
  6. User-Friendly Control Panel: Features an intuitive control panel for clean control of hosting accounts. 
  7. API Integration: Facilitates seamless integration with third-party packages and tools for better capability. 
  8. Competitive Pricing: Offers reseller plans at competitive quotes, offering value for money. White-label billing enables resellers to manipulate and invoice customers under their very own branding for a cohesive client experience. 
  9. Security Features: Incorporates strong security features to guard both resellers and their customers’ web sites.
Plan NameSSD Disk SpaceData TransfercPanel AccountsWebsitesPriceDetails
Essential40 GB800 GB25UnlimitedRs1349/monVisit Now
Advanced50 GB1000 GB35UnlimitedRs1399/monVisit Now
Pro100 GB2000 GB45UnlimitedRs2099/monVisit Now
Ultimate200 GB3900 GB60UnlimitedRs3899/monVisit Now

ResellerClub Cloud Hosting: 

  1. Highly Scalable: Cloud web hosting plans offer scalability to accommodate various useful resource necessities. 
  2. Performance Optimised: Utilises advanced cloud infrastructure for greater website overall performance. 
  3. Global Data Centers: Access to multiple record facilities internationally ensures low latency and step-forward reliability. 
  4. Easy Resource Management: Offers intuitive control panels for simplified control of cloud resources. 
  5. Automated Backups: Regular automatic backups make a contribution to data protection and peace of mind. 
  6. 24×7 Support: Round-the-clock assistance is available for technical help and troubleshooting. 
  7. Customizable Configurations: Allows customers to customise server configurations primarily based on precise wishes. 
  8. Cost-Efficient: Pay-as-you-go fashions and competitive pricing make contributions to value-effectiveness. 
  9. Security Measures: Implements sturdy security capabilities to safeguard hosted programs and information. 
  10. Developer-Friendly Environment: Supports developer-pleasant surroundings with clean integration of programs and gear.
Plan NameWebsiteCoresRAMcPanelBandwidthPriceDetails
Personal SSD12 CPU2 GBFreeUnmeteredRs455/monVisit Now
Business SSDUnlimited4 CPU4 GBFreeUnmeteredRs585/monVisit Now
Pro SSDUnlimited6 CPU6 GBFreeUnmeteredRs690/monVisit Now

ResellerClub VPS Servers: 

  1. Flexible Virtualization: Offers virtual private servers (VPS) with flexible virtualization alternatives. 
  2. Scalable Resources: Allows smooth scaling of resources to meet evolving commercial enterprise needs.
  3. Global Data Centers: Access to strategically positioned records centres for optimised performance and occasional latency. 
  4. Full Root Access: Provides full root access, granting customers control over server configurations and installations. 
  5. Dedicated IP Addresses: Each VPS comes with dedicated IP addresses, improving security and reliability. 
  6. Choice of Operating Systems: supports a number of working structures to match distinctive possibilities and requirements. 
  7. Managed Services Available: Option for controlled offerings, easing the weight of server preservation for users. 
  8. 24×7 Technical Support: Round-the-clock support for quick help and difficult decisions. 
  9. Competitive Pricing: Offers aggressive pricing for VPS plans, reducing the cost of investment. 
  10. Security Measures: Implements strong security protocols to safeguard VPS environments and records.
Plan NameCoresSSD Disk SpaceRAMBandwidthPriceDetails
Standard2 CPU20 GB2 GB1 TBRs399/monVisit Now
Business2 CPU40 GB4 GB1 TBRs849/monVisit Now
Pro 3 CPU80 GB6 GB2 TBRs1259/monVisit Now
Elite4 CPU120 GB8 GB2 TBRs1749/monVisit Now

ResellerClub Dedicated Servers: 

  1. Powerful Hardware: Dedicated servers possess robust and excessive-overall performance hardware for the greatest functionality. 
  2. Full Root Access: Users enjoy entire manipulation with full root access, permitting customization of server configurations. 
  3. Global Data Centers: Access to strategically placed statistics centers ensures low latency and stepped-forward performance. 
  4. Scalable Resources: Easily scale assets to deal with varying workloads and business growth. 
  5. Dedicated IP Addresses: Each dedicated server comes with dedicated IP addresses, improving security and reliability. 
  6. Managed Services Available: Option for managed services, imparting help with server protection obligations. 
  7. 24×7 Technical Support: Round-the-clock help for short-difficulty decisions and technical help. 
  8. Choice of Operating Systems: Supports plenty of running structures, permitting customers to pick based on their choices. 
  9. Competitive Pricing: Offers competitive pricing for devoted server plans, imparting value for funding. 
  10. Advanced Security Measures: Implements robust safety protocols to ensure the protection of devoted server environments and records.

ResellerClub Domain Reseller: 

  1. Extensive TLD Portfolio: Access to a comprehensive range of top-level domains (TLDs) for diverse patron desires. 
  2. Competitive Pricing: Offers competitive pricing for area registrations and renewals, helping fee-effective reselling. 
  3. White-Label Solutions: Provides white-label alternatives, allowing resellers to logon and marketplace domains under their personal identities. 
  4. User-Friendly Control Panel: Features an intuitive manipulation panel for clean control and customization of area portfolios. 
  5. API Integration: Supports API integration for seamless reference to 0.33-celebration systems and equipment.
  6.  Bulk Domain Management: Allows green management of more than one domain simultaneously, streamlining administrative duties. 
  7. Automated Renewals: Automated renewal approaches make a contribution to hassle-free domain control and continuity. 
  8. 24×7 Support: Ensures spherical-the-clock support for any domain-related queries or technical troubles. 
  9. Promotional Tools: Offers marketing and promotional equipment to assist resellers in improving domain income and visibility. 
  10. Security Measures: Implements safety functions to shield area registrations and purchaser information.

Security & Downtime

What about security & downtime?


  • SSL Certificates: ResellerClub emphasises website security by offering more than a few SSL certificates, encrypting data, and establishing secure connections for customers. 
  • Firewall Protection: Implements sturdy firewall protection to protect hosting environments from ability threats and unauthorised gain of entry. 
  • Malware Scanning: Regular malware scanning and removal services are provided to make sure websites remain free from harmful software. 
  • DDoS Mitigation: Utilises superior DDoS mitigation strategies to guard against distributed denial-of-carrier attacks, maintaining internet site availability. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Enhances account security with two-issue authentication, adding an additional layer of safety to user accounts. 
  • Regular Backups: Automated and everyday backups are performed to guard crucial records, ensuring brief recovery on the occasion of factual loss. 


  • Reliable Infrastructure: ResellerClub’s hosting infrastructure is designed for reliability, minimising the threat of downtime via redundant systems and failover mechanisms. 
  • 24×7 Monitoring: Implements continuous tracking of servers and services, taking into consideration proactive identity and the backbone of capability troubles. 
  • Data Centers: Utilise strategically located statistics centres with high availability to ensure the finest performance and minimum downtime. 
  • Regular Maintenance: Any necessary maintenance is scheduled all through off-height hours to reduce the impact on customers and increase customer awareness. 
  • Technical Support: A committed 24×7 guide crew is available to address any technical problems promptly, decreasing the time web sites are affected by ability problems. 
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): ResellerClub may additionally provide SLAs to guarantee a positive level of uptime, presenting to users approximately the reliability of their hosting services.


What Other features Reseller Club offers

Let’s take a look at some of the important features and tools designed to assist you in the website-building process in our Reseller Club brand review.

Diverse Hosting Services: ResellerClub offers a complete variety of website hosting solutions, along with shared web hosting, VPS hosting, devoted servers, and cloud website hosting. 

Domain Reselling: Provides a platform for reselling domains, presenting a wide style of top-degree domains (TLDs) with aggressive pricing. 

Reseller Hosting Packages: Tailored reseller website hosting applications allow users to begin their very own website hosting business, with white-label answers for branding. 

Global Presence: With a presence in over 150 international locations, ResellerClub serves an international consumer base, supplying web hosting services to users worldwide. 

15 Years of Expertise: Leverages over 15 years of industry experience, showcasing a commitment to balance, reliability, and non-stop development. 

User-Friendly Control Panels: intuitively manipulate panels for hosting, domains, and reseller money owed, facilitating clean control and customization. 

Scalable Resources: Hosting plans and servers provide scalability, allowing users to adapt resources based on their evolving requirements. 

24×7 Customer Support: Ensures superior and round-the-clock customer service for technical help, troubleshooting, and query decisions. 

SSL Certificates: Emphasises internet site security with more than a few SSL certificates, allowing encrypted and secure connections. 

Security Measures: Implements sturdy protection protocols, which include firewall safety, malware scanning, and DDoS mitigation, to shield web hosting environments. 

Automated Backups: Regular automated backups contribute to statistics protection, offering quick recuperation options in case of statistics loss. 

Competitive Pricing: Offers competitive pricing for web hosting plans, domain registrations, and further offerings, turning in a fee for investment. 

Awards and Recognition: Acknowledged as the highest-rated issuer within the industry, earning accolades for career excellence. 

Marketing and Promotional Tools: Provides equipment for resellers to marketplace and sell web hosting and domain offerings efficiently.


Hosting load time, uptime & speed

Highly Optimised Infrastructure: ResellerClub boasts a fairly optimised web hosting infrastructure designed to supply top-notch overall performance across its variety of website hosting offerings. 

Strategically Located Data Centers: With data facilities strategically placed globally, ResellerClub guarantees low latency and improved pace for users in numerous areas. 

Scalable Resources: Whether it’s shared web hosting, VPS website hosting, or committed servers, ResellerClub’s services are equipped with scalable resources, allowing users to evolve to changing overall performance desires. 

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration: Integration with Content Delivery Networks enhances internet site performance by way of distributing content material correctly across a couple of servers, reducing load times. 

SSD Storage: The use of Solid State Drives (SSD) in hosting infrastructure contributes to faster statistics, improving standard server and website pace. 

Advanced Caching Mechanisms: Implementation of advanced caching mechanisms facilitates boosting the loading time of websites, enhancing the consumer experience. 

Redundancy and Failover Systems: ResellerClub incorporates redundancy and failover structures to ensure uninterrupted service and reduce downtime.
Technical Support for Optimization: The 24×7 guide team is available to assist customers with overall performance optimization, addressing any issues promptly. 

Uptime Guarantees: ResellerClub may also offer service stage agreements (SLAs) with uptime guarantees, assuring customers of the reliability and regular performance of their hosting services. 

Regular Monitoring and Maintenance: Continuous monitoring of servers and proactive maintenance measures contribute to the overall performance balance of ResellerClub’s website hosting infrastructure.


Level of support

24×7 Availability: ResellerClub gives 24/7 customer service, making sure assistance is to be had whenever customers want it, no matter their time quarter. 

Multiple Support Channels: Customers have access to diverse support channels, including live chat, e-mail, and a ticketing device, offering flexibility and comfort in reaching out for assistance. 

Dedicated Support Teams: ResellerClub has dedicated support groups with information on extraordinary elements of website hosting and area control, making sure specialised assistance for numerous troubles. 

Technical Expertise: The guide group of workers possesses technical knowledge, allowing them to deal with complex technical queries, server troubles, and troubleshooting efficiently. 

Knowledge Base and Documentation: A comprehensive information base and documentation are furnished, supplying self-help sources and courses for users to discover solutions to common queries. 

Proactive Communication: In instances of device updates, protection, or known problems, ResellerClub communicates proactively with customers, retaining them informed and minimising surprises. 

Ticket Resolution Time: Attempt for quick ticket decision instances, aiming to address client queries and problems in a timely manner. 

Educational Resources: Offers educational sources, including tutorials, webinars, and FAQs, to empower customers with the expertise to control their hosting money effectively. 

White-Glove Support for Resellers: Recognizing the needs of resellers, ResellerClub might also provide specialised help tailor-made to assist them in managing and growing their website hosting businesses. 

Customer Feedback Integration: actively listens to consumer comments, continuously enhancing guide offerings primarily based on user reviews and tips. 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Depending on the website hosting plan, ResellerClub may additionally provide SLAs with commitments to unique levels of help and reaction instances, making sure a predictable and reliable assist revel in.

Compare with Other

How it’s good with competitors

Host Type
Domain Reselling
Global Data Centers
ResellerClub Coupon
Reseller Club
Check Prices
$3.99/month – Transparent and Budget-friendly.
Host Type
ResellerClub is in most cases recognized for its diverse range of website hosting services, consisting of shared hosting, VPS hosting, committed servers, and cloud web hosting. 
Domain Reselling
ResellerClub offers a platform for area reselling, allowing users to offer a lot of top-stage domain names to their clients. 
ResellerClub gives reseller website hosting packages, enabling customers to begin their very own web hosting commercial enterprise with white-label answers for branding. 
Global Data Centers
Serving over 200,000 clients in 150 international locations, ResellerClub has set up a worldwide presence in the internet hosting industry.
$2.75/month – Lower beginning rate.
Host Type
Bluehost provides shared web hosting, VPS website hosting, and devoted web hosting plans. Known for its simplicity and person-friendly technique. 
Domain Reselling
Bluehost: Includes a free SSL certificate, domain privateness, and SiteLock security features for more suitable protection. 
Bluehost: Includes a free domain for the first year, advertising and marketing credits, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
Global Data Centers
Bluehost has information centres, but they won’t be as enormous as FastComet’s worldwide presence. 
Inmotion Hosting Coupon
InMotion Hosting
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$2.29/month – Transparent and Budget-friendly.
Host Type
Manage and grow your reseller business with ease from the industry leading control panel. Softaculous app installer, free SSL, and email are included with all plans
Domain Reselling
InMotion Hosting: Maximize your profits with Domain Reseller. Enom allows you to resell popular TLDs & SSL Certificates.
InMotion Hosting: Includes a free domain, website migration, and BoldGrid website builder with some hosting plans.
Global Data Centers
InMotion Hosting has information centres, but they won’t be as enormous as FastComet’s worldwide presence. 


Do We Recommend Reseller Club?

In short, ResellerClub is a stalwart in the web hosting enterprise, boasting 15 years of excellence. With an international presence, numerous hosting offerings, and a commitment to protection, it has earned a reputation as the highest-rated company. ResellerClub caters to an extensive audience, providing consumer-friendly interfaces, aggressive pricing, and advanced 24×7 assistance. 

This platform is not pretty much an offering, but rather an adventure of empowerment for groups, resellers, and character website proprietors, embodying the endless possibilities in the digital panorama. Your achievement isn’t only an intention for ResellerClub; it is a celebrated achievement within the ongoing narrative of the digital frontier.

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9.2Expert Score
Positively Recommended: Our Experience with Reseller Club Hosting

We recently had the opportunity to test Reseller Club hosting services, and after thorough testing, we are delighted to recommend Reseller Club to others seeking reliable and efficient web hosting. One of the standout features is its providing consumer-friendly interfaces, aggressive pricing, and advanced 24×7 assistance.


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  1. 3.8

    I give three stars only because their chat support team was assume and gave you a free license for WHMCS. Otherwise I was not happy with their product. First off I signed up for a simple web hosting account and was upgraded to a resell account without notice. This was very confusing until I spoke with their support. Second their Free SSL Certificate was not automatically set to force http:// to https://, I had to contact support and they gave me that HTML Code to paste in my “.htaccess” file. That only fixed my main site URL. Non of my sub domains like webmail was forced to https://. Being dissatisfied with their product I cancelled my account and they refunded my money within their 30 day guarantee.

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