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Verpex Review

Verpex, founded in 2018, has grown to be a leading worldwide net hosting enterprise with 50 personnel across 5 nations. Their undertaking is to offer superb-fast website hosting, expert technical assistance, and transparent pricing.
9.1/10 (Expert Score)
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Verpex, founded in 2018, has grown to be a leading worldwide net hosting enterprise with 50 personnel across 5 nations. Their undertaking is to offer superb-fast website hosting, expert technical assistance, and transparent pricing. 

In simply 4 years, they’ve hosted over 250,000 websites in 181 international locations. Verpex prioritises a 100% patron satisfaction, avoids hidden costs, and operates servers in 12 global locations for highest quality performance. 

With a dedication to transparency, automation, and 24/7 aid, Verpex stands out as a reliable and consumer-centred hosting solution within the aggressive online panorama.

Pros and Cons

Check the pros & cons of hosting

  • Expert Technical Support: With a group of over 50 employees and a 24/7 live chat and contact guide, Verpex offers dependable and knowledgeable assistance to cope with any technical issues or inquiries directly. 
  • Affordable and Sustainable Prices: Verpex sticks out for its dedication to affordability and sustainability, making sure that clients receive the best value for their money without compromising on carrier quality. 
  • Global Presence: Servers located in 12 worldwide locations permit Verpex to provide dependable and efficient hosting services to customers in the sector, reducing latency and improving internet site performance. 
  • Transparency: Verpex emphasises transparency, heading off hidden costs and surprises. This dedication builds trust with customers, who can manage their finances effectively without worrying about surprising charges. 
  • Customer Satisfaction Focus: Verpex prioritises achieving 100% client pride, aiming to create a fantastic web hosting experience for customers by addressing their wishes and concerns. 
  • Automated Processes: Full automation streamlines methods, making it easier for customers to manipulate their website hosting offerings effectively, reducing manual intervention and ability mistakes. 
  • Limited Company History: Despite a fast boom on the grounds of its launch in 2018, Verpex’s rather brief records can also lead a few clients to impeach its long-term reliability and stability in comparison to greater mounted web hosting vendors. 
  • Limited Information on Infrastructure: Verpex’s internet site can also lack detailed statistics on the specifics of their server infrastructure, which will be a challenge for users who prioritise in-depth technical information. 
  • Potential Service Limitations: Depending on specific web hosting desires, Verpex might also have boundaries for customers with incredibly specialised requirements, inclusive of sizable e-trade or resource-in-depth programs.

Hosting Plans

Breakdown of Verpex plans

Verpex offers a variety of hosting plans, suitable for different types of websites. Here is a full breakdown of their plans:

Verpex Reseller Hosting

  • Empower Your Business: Start your personal hosting undertaking and resell hosting services underneath your emblem. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Manage and personalise website hosting plans effortlessly with Verpex’s intuitive interface. 
  • Robust Infrastructure: Benefit from Verpex’s first-rate-fast servers and reliable infrastructure for top-quality performance. 
  • 24/7 Support: Access expert assistance around the clock to cope with any queries or concerns right away. 
  • Competitive Pricing: Enjoy aggressive pricing for reseller web hosting plans, maximising your income capacity. 
  • Seamless Management: Effortlessly cope with purchaser accounts, resources, and configurations with Verpex’s reseller hosting. 
  • Reliability: Count on Vertex’s dedication to your success, imparting a reliable reseller hosting solution. 
  • White-Label Options: Resell website hosting offerings under your logo, retaining a professional and customised photograph. 
  • Start Your Journey: Initiate your reseller website hosting mission with Verpex and provide top-notch offerings to your customers.
Plan NamecPanel AccountsDisk SpaceBandwidthFreePriceDetails
Startup Reseller1550 GB NVMeUnlimitedSSL Certificates, Domain, Migration$9.00/monVisit Now
Pro Reseller50250 GB NVMeUnlimitedSSL Certificates, Domain, Migration$15.00/monVisit Now
Ultimate Reseller50UnlimitedUnlimitedSSL Certificates, Domain, Migration$30.00/monVisit Now

Verpex Shared Hosting

  • Reliable and Affordable: Verpex Shared Hosting is a price-effective answer for individuals and businesses. 
  • Super-Fast Servers: Benefit from excessive-speed servers, making sure you choose the best overall performance for hosted web sites. 
  • Transparent Pricing: Enjoy clean and inexpensive pricing systems with no hidden expenses. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate hosting services seamlessly through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. 
  • 24/7 Support: Access expert assistance around the clock for any inquiries or technical help. 
  • Automated Processes: Experience the ease of automated techniques for efficient management. 
  • Simplicity: Verpex’s Shared Hosting gives trustworthy answers for website hosting needs. 
  • Optimal Environment: Create a reliable and solid online presence with Verpex’s shared web hosting services. 
  • Customer Commitment: Verpex is dedicated to providing a continuing and fulfilling shared web hosting experience. 
  • High Performance: Choose Verpex for price-range-pleasant hosting without compromising on pace and reliability.
Plan NameWebsitesBandwidthDisk SpaceBackupsPriceDetails
Bronze1Unlimited30 GB NVMeDaily$2.10/monVisit Now
Silver100Unlimited50 GB NVMeDaily$3.30/monVisit Now
GoldUnlimitedUnlimited100 GB NVMeDaily$6.00/monVisit Now

Verpex Cloud Web Hosting

  • Scalable Performance: Verpex Cloud Web Hosting gives scalable assets to deal with growing desires. 
  • High-Speed Infrastructure: Experience fast internet site performance with Verpex’s excessive-speed cloud servers. 
  • Reliable Uptime: Benefit from robust and dependable website hosting surroundings, minimising downtime. 
  • Global Server Presence: Servers strategically positioned worldwide ensure optimised overall performance for worldwide audiences. 
  • Automated Backups: Enjoy peace of mind with computerised backups to shield your records. 
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear and easy pricing systems without hidden fees. 
  • Advanced Security Measures: Verpex implements advanced protection protocols, such as SSL encryption and DDoS safety. 
  • User-Friendly Control Panel: Easily manipulate your cloud website hosting sources with Verpex’s intuitive manipulation panel. 
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Access professional aid at any time for help with technical queries or issues. 
  • Environmentally Sustainable: Verpex is committed to sustainability, supplying green cloud website hosting solutions.

Verpex WordPress Hosting

  • Optimised for WordPress: Verpex’s web hosting is tailor-made for top-rated overall performance with WordPress websites. 
  • Superior Speed: Experience quicker load times with Verpex’s high-pace servers, improving user experience. 
  • Automated Updates: Keep your WordPress web site secure and up-to-date with Verpex’s automatic replacement features. 
  • One-Click Install: Easily install and manage your WordPress website with Verpex’s handy one-click installation. 
  • 24/7 WordPress Support: Access professional help for WordPress-specific queries or help spherical the clock. 
  • Secure Environment: Verpex prioritises security with functions like SSL encryption and proactive malware scanning. 
  • Scalable Resources: Scale your resources seamlessly as your WordPress web page grows, ensuring excellent performance. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate WordPress website hosting effortlessly with Verpex’s intuitive and user-friendly manage panel. 
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear and lower-priced pricing structures without hidden charges. 
  • Reliable Uptime: Count on Verpex for dependable uptime, ensuring your WordPress website is always on hand.
Plan NameWordPress InstallationBandwidthDisk SpaceWebsitesPriceDetails
Bronze1- ClickUnlimited30 GB NVMe1$2.10/monVisit Now
Silver1- ClickUnlimited50 GB NVMe100$3.30/monVisit Now
Gold1- ClickUnlimited100 GB NVMeUnlimited$6.00/monVisit Now

Verpex Managed Server

  • Fully Managed Services: Verpex looks after server control tasks, permitting you to focus on your commercial enterprise. 
  • High-Performance Servers: Benefit from powerful and efficient servers for excellent website overall performance. 
  • Expert Technical Support: Access 24/7 help from informed professionals for any server-related queries or problems. 
  • Scalable Resources: Easily scale server assets to house the boom of your online presence. 
  • Advanced Security Measures: Verpex implements strong safety protocols, along with firewalls and normal protection audits. 
  • Automated Backups: Enjoy the peace of mind that incorporates automatic backups to shield your facts. 
  • Global Server Presence: Servers strategically positioned globally ensure efficient content shipping to a worldwide target audience. 
  • User-Friendly Control Panel: Navigate server management duties seamlessly with Verpex’s intuitive manipulation panel. 
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear and transparent pricing structures eliminate hidden charges. 
  • Proactive Monitoring: Verpex continuously monitors the server’s overall performance, addressing potential problems before they affect your internet site.

Domain Registration: 

  • Extensive Domain Selection: Choose from a wide variety of domain extensions to discover the ideal match for your internet site. 
  • User-Friendly Domain Search: Easily seek and register your desired domain through Verpex’s person-friendly interface. 
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear and competitive pricing without hidden costs for sincere area registration. 
  • DNS Management: Enjoy flexibility with DNS control options, allowing you to customise your domain settings. 
  • Secure Registration Process: Verpex ensures a steady and trouble-free domain registration process for peace of mind. 
  • Domain Transfer: Smooth Transfer Process: Transfer your existing domain seamlessly to Verpex with a straightforward and efficient technique. 
  • Competitive Transfer Rates: Benefit from aggressive pricing for domain transfers without compromising on service quality. 
  • Expert Support: Access expert help for the duration of the domain switch method, ensuring an easy and trouble-free experience.
    DNS Configuration: Customise DNS settings at some stage in the switch, providing you with control over your domain’s configuration. 
  • Transfer Status Monitoring: Keep track of your domain switch reputation through Verpex’s tracking gear for delivered convenience.

Security & Downtime

What about security & downtime?


  • SSL Encryption: Verpex prioritises internet site protection by imparting SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, making sure that statistics transmitted between the consumer’s browser and the server stay private and guarded. 
  • Firewall Protection: Verpex employs robust firewall systems to monitor and manage incoming and outgoing community site visitors, safeguarding websites from capability protection threats and unauthorised access. 
  • Regular Security Audits: Verpex conducts recurring protection audits to identify vulnerabilities and proactively address capacity troubles, maintaining a stable website hosting environment for its users. 
  • DDoS Protection: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can disrupt internet site accessibility. Verpex implements DDoS safety measures to mitigate the impact of such attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service for clients. 
  • Malware Scanning and Removal: Verpex includes malware scanning tools to often test for malicious software programs on hosted websites. If any malware is detected, the website hosting company takes swift action to remove it, minimising the threat of protection breaches. 


  • Redundant Infrastructure: Verpex invests in redundant infrastructure, inclusive of backup servers and statistics facilities, to minimise the threat of downtime. This redundancy ensures that if one server or records centre has problems, others can seamlessly take over. 
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Verpex employs non-stop monitoring structures to discover ability problems in real-time. This proactive technique permits the web hosting company to deal with issues rapidly, often before users even notice a hassle. 
  • Regular Backups: Verpex conducts ordinary backups of patron information, offering a failsafe in case of surprising events. This allows for brief record recovery on the uncommon occasion of fact loss or machine failure. 
  • Uptime Guarantees: Verpex may additionally offer uptime guarantees to its clients, making sure a certain stage of availability. This commitment reflects the website hosting issuer’s self-belief in retaining reliable service. 
  • Responsive Support Team: In the event of downtime or technical problems, Verpex’s 24/7 aid group is to be used to help customers promptly. Their knowledge facilitates the ability to diagnose and solve issues effectively, minimising the downtime effect.


What Other features Verpex offers

Let’s take a look at some of the important features and tools designed to assist you in the website-building process in our verpex brand review.

Super-Fast Hosting: Verpex prioritises velocity, imparting high-performance web hosting solutions to ensure brief loading times for websites, contributing to better consumer enjoyment and stepped-forward search engine scores. 

Expert Technical Support: With a committed crew of over 50 personnel and 24/7 live chat and contact support, Verpex provides dependable assistance for technical problems, making sure clients have the right of entry to professional help each time they want it. 

Affordable and Sustainable Pricing: Verpex is dedicated to keeping low-cost and sustainable pricing fashions, making first-rate web hosting services available to a huge variety of users without compromising on performance. 

Global Server Presence: Hosting servers strategically positioned in 12 global locations permit Verpex to provide reliable and green hosting offerings to users around the world, minimising latency and optimising internet site performance. 

Transparency: Verpex values transparency, fending off hidden fees and surprises in pricing. This commitment fosters trust with customers, who can hopefully control their budgets without sudden additional expenses. 

Customer Satisfaction Focus: Verpex places a sturdy emphasis on accomplishing 100% customer pride, aiming to create a nice web hosting experience for users via customised guides and provider excellence. 

Full Automation: Verpex streamlines approaches with complete automation, simplifying the management of hosting services for customers and decreasing the potential for guide mistakes. 

Security Measures: Verpex implements robust safety features, along with SSL encryption, firewall protection, everyday protection audits, DDoS safety, and malware scanning and removal, to ensure the safety of hosted websites. 

User-Friendly Interface: Verpex offers an intuitive and person-friendly interface, making it smooth for clients to control their hosting services, get access to capabilities, and make important modifications without technical knowledge. 

Email Hosting: Verpex frequently offers email website hosting as part of its services, permitting customers to set up and manage expert electronic mail bills associated with their domain names. 

One-Click Installations: Verpex can also provide one-click installations for famous applications and content management systems (CMS), simplifying the method of setting up web sites and web programs. 


Hosting load time, uptime & speed

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure: Verpex invests in brand new infrastructure, making use of current hardware and technology to ensure the finest overall performance. By staying abreast of enterprise advancements, Verpex can provide hosting offerings that meet or exceed the overall performance expectations of its customers. 

Global Server Presence: With servers strategically located in 12 exceptional global places, Verpex optimises internet site speed and responsiveness for users globally. This dispensed server community minimises latency, making sure that site visitors from various geographical places enjoy fast loading times. 

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration: Verpex may also combine Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, improving website performance with the aid of distributing content across a couple of servers globally. This reduces the bodily distance between the person and the server, resulting in quicker load instances for static and dynamic content. 

High-Speed Connectivity: Verpex ensures high-speed connectivity to its servers, minimising the time it takes for information to travel between the person’s browser and the hosted internet site. This dedication to rapid and dependable connections contributes notably to ordinary internet site velocity. 

SSD Storage: Verpex may also appoint a solid-state drive (SSD) garage; that’s quicker and more environmentally friendly than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). This preference for storage technology quickens record retrieval and improves the overall performance of hosted websites. 

Optimised Server Configurations: Verpex configures its servers for greatest overall performance, making sure that sources are allotted correctly. This attention to server optimization without delay impacts the speed at which websites load and reply to user interactions. 

Performance Monitoring and Optimization: Verpex employs continuous performance monitoring tools to pick out and deal with capacity bottlenecks or problems directly. This proactive technique guarantees that the hosting environment stays optimised for speed and reliability. 

SSD-Based Caching: Verpex may utilise SSD-primarily based caching mechanisms to save often accessed records to the server, reducing the time it takes to retrieve facts and improving the speed of ordinary internet sites. 


Level of support

24/7 Availability: Verpex’s aid group operates around the clock, 24 hours an afternoon, seven days every week. This ensures that clients get admission to assistance each time they need it, regardless of their time quarter or the nature of their inquiry. 

Live Chat Support: Verpex gives a live chat feature, permitting customers to engage with assist representatives in real-time. This immediate verbal exchange channel is treasured for resolving issues right away and receiving short solutions to queries. 

Phone Support: In addition to live chat, Verpex offers smartphone help. Customers can connect to aid sellers via phone, presenting an opportunity method for looking for assistance or discussing more complex troubles. 

Expert Technical Assistance: Verpex’s aid team comprises informed and experienced experts. These professionals are properly prepared to deal with a huge range of technical problems, present answers, and steer to make sure easy hosting is enjoyed by clients. 

Ticketing System: Verpex frequently employs a ticketing system to manage and manipulate consumer inquiries. This organised method permits green issue decisions, ensuring that every patron situation receives the right attention and is followed up. 

Proactive Monitoring: Verpex’s assist group engages in proactive tracking of hosting environments. By figuring out and addressing capacity troubles before they affect clients, Verpex demonstrates a dedication to preventing troubles and preserving a reliable hosting provider. 

User-Friendly Knowledge Base: To empower clients with self-assist sources, Verpex keeps a comprehensive knowledge base. This aid offers articles, tutorials, and guides that assist customers in navigating not unusual troubles and optimising their web hosting settings. 

Compare with Other

How it’s good with competitors

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Verpex has servers in 12 international locations, ensuring optimised performance for users worldwide.
Verpex: Implements SSL encryption, firewall protection, everyday safety audits, DDoS safety, and malware scanning for robust protection.
Verpex highlights excellent-speedy hosting, transparency in pricing, complete automation, scalability alternatives, and a person-pleasant interface.
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Do We Recommend Verpex?

Verpex Hosting is a standout desire inside the hosting industry, providing a variety of answers, from incredible-fast shared web hosting to scalable cloud services. With a strong commitment to consumer pride, Verpex offers 24/7 professional guidance, person-pleasant interfaces, and obvious pricing. 

The business enterprise’s worldwide server presence, present-day security measures, and environmental sustainability efforts also position it as a dependable and responsible website hosting company. 

Whether you are a reseller, individual user, or developer, Verpex caters to a wide target audience with a focus on delivering seamless and efficient website hosting. Choose Verpex for website hosting services that excel in performance, ease, and affordability.

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9.2Expert Score
Positively Recommended: Our Experience with Verpex Hosting

We recently had the opportunity to test Verpex hosting services, and after thorough testing, we are delighted to recommend Verpex to others seeking reliable and efficient web hosting. One of the standout features of Verpex is its 24/7 professional guidance, person-pleasant interfaces


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  1. 4.8

    Overall satisfaction

    + PROS: After researching various hosting providers, I chose Verpex for its affordable pricing and generous database size. My three-month experience has been positive – their fast and helpful support swiftly resolves any issues. The user-friendly dashboard and speedy performance contribute to my overall satisfaction. It's worth noting that the support team doesn't push for review submissions.
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  2. 4.8

    Fantastic technical support

    + PROS: Fantastic technical support, fast, friendly and dedicated people will listen to you and solve any problem. We are especially grateful to Essa R All recommendations!
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  3. 5

    Exceptional support

    + PROS: The entire Verpex team is exceptional, they have always helped me resolve any incident or problem successfully. I have been a customer for several years and I absolutely recommend them for the stability of the service, but above all, for their customer orientation. In my last support, Brian and Stoyan assisted me satisfactorily, and I attest that the entire Verpex team always gives their best to help and surprise their clients
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