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Google Launches a New .meme Top-Level Domain

Google's recently launched .meme domain provides an exclusive online space for internet humor icons. Notable partners, like Know Your Meme and 10PM Curfew, showcase its swift popularity. The domain, available since December 5, caters to meme enthusiasts through various registrars.

Google has recently unveiled a distinctive top-level domain: .meme. This dedicated virtual space is designed to provide memes, the cherished icons of internet humor and expression, with an exclusive online haven.

The freshly launched .meme domain has swiftly gained traction, attracting various partners, including renowned cat-themed websites. Notable early adopters encompass Know Your Meme, the go-to source for tracking internet trends and memes.

Among the standout partners is 10PM Curfew, a prominent platform specializing in female lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and fashion. Their and sites promise to deliver a captivating blend of style, cultural vibes, and entertaining memes.

Renowned artist Rudy Willingham, known for creating printable stickers that bring memes to life, has established as a creative outlet for meme enthusiasts.

For brands looking to leverage the power of meme culture, offers expert advice on meme-based media plans and content strategies, boasting a successful history of collaborations with major global companies.

Naturally, the .meme domain pays homage to iconic cat memes. Grumpy Cat, the legendary sour-faced feline, now resides at, while Keyboard Cat, a trailblazer in cat memes, can be enjoyed at Nyan Cat, renowned for its rainbow-trailing antics, has found its digital home at

As of December 5, .meme domains are publicly available at a base annual price through various registrars.

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