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Fastcomet Review

FastComet, established in 2013, is a main, privately owned global internet web hosting organisation known for its independence.
8.9/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #26 in category Hosting

FastComet, established in 2013, is a main, privately owned global internet web hosting organisation known for its independence. 

With 11 international information facilities and over a hundred personnel, it has grown to be the favoured desire of more than 750,000 personal and small-enterprise internet site owners. 

FastComet’s awards consist of being a high performer, segment leader, highest user adoption, and best estimated ROI within the net web hosting industry.

Pros and Cons

Check the pros & cons of hosting

  • Exceptional Performance: FastComet boasts awesome loading speeds and uptime, making sure that your internet site gives you a continuing consumer experience. The use of SSD-handiest storage, together with a worldwide content delivery network (CDN), contributes to optimum performance. 
  • Global Presence: With fact centres strategically located in 11 exceptional areas worldwide, FastComet guarantees low-latency admission for customers across the globe. This international presence translates to quicker loading times and advanced internet site responsiveness. 
  • Customer Support Excellence: FastComet is renowned for its customer support, providing 24/7 assistance via live chat, ticketing gadgets, and speak-to. The aid team is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to resolving troubles directly. 
  • Free Website Migration: FastComet gives unfastened website migration help, simplifying the procedure of moving your present website from some other host to their platform. This service minimises downtime and capability hassles for users.
  • Free SSL Certificates: Every FastComet hosting plan includes free SSL certificates, ensuring that records transmitted among the website and its visitors remain encrypted and secure. 
  • No Dedicated Hosting: FastComet focuses on shared hosting, cloud VPS, and committed CPU server solutions. However, it does not now provide traditional dedicated website hosting plans, proscribing alternatives for users with unique committed server necessities. 
  • No Windows Hosting: FastComet mainly helps Linux-based website hosting solutions, and Windows hosting is not to be had. Users with unique requirements for Windows-based programs may additionally want to take into account alternative website hosting carriers. 

Hosting Plans

Breakdown of Fastcomet plans

Fastcomet offers a variety of hosting plans, suitable for different types of websites. Here is a full breakdown of their plans:

Shared Hosting

  • 24/7 Technical Support: Always have technical assistance for prompt issue decisions and guidance. 
  • Optimised Hosting: Infrastructure is first-class-tuned for ideal speed, performance, and aid utilisation. 
  • Website security with Imunify360: Robust security features, such as Imunify360, to guard web sites from online threats. 
  • Service Uptime: High service uptime dedication ensures web sites are consistently available to site visitors. 
  • cPanel Hosting: A user-pleasant cPanel interface for smooth control of websites, domain names, and settings. 
  • 11 Datacenters: A global community of 11 fact centres strategically positioned for reduced latency and improved pace. Free bundled services: Complimentary area registration, each-day backups, and different unfastened offerings beautify the hosting revel in. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Positive customer comments and excessive pleasure rankings replicate the best of shared web hosting services.
Plan NameWebsiteSSD SpaceMoney BackPriceDetails
FastComet BasicSingle15 GB45 Days$1.79/monVisit Now
FastComet PlusUnlimited25 GB45 Days$2.69/monVisit Now
FastComet ExtraUnlimited35 GB45 Days$3.74/monVisit Now

Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Fully Managed: The hosting infrastructure is fully managed, permitting users to recognize their projects without demanding server control. 
  • Rapid Provisioning: Quick setup and deployment of digital servers for immediate access to and utilisation. 
  • Powered with the aid of cPanel: User-pleasant cPanel interface for seamless control of virtual servers, domain names, and configurations. 
  • NVMe SSD Storage: Utilises the NVMe SSD garage for excessive-velocity data access, resulting in improved overall performance. 
  • Completely Scalable: Easily scalable assets to deal with growing desires and fluctuations in website traffic. 
  • Money Back Guarantee: Assurance of client pride with a cash-back guarantee, reflecting self-belief within the carrier.
    Backup and Snapshots: Regular backups and picture capabilities offer facts protection and recovery alternatives.
    24/7/365 Support: A round-the-clock guide guarantees assistance is available each time needed, making certain a reliable web hosting service is available.
Plan NameVirtual CoresECC RAMSSD SpaceBandwidthPriceDetails
Cloud 1Single2 GB50 GB2 TB$46.16/monVisit Now
Cloud 224 GB80 GB4 TB$53.86/monVisit Now
Cloud 348 GB160 GB5 TB$69.26Visit Now
Cloud 4616 GB320 GB8 YB$107.76Visit Now

Dedicated CPU Server Hosting

  • Exclusive Resources: Dedicated CPU server website hosting gives one-of-a-kind access to computing assets for more desirable overall performance. 
  • Isolated Environment: Operates in remote surroundings, making sure top-quality server performance without aid-sharing concerns. 
  • Customizable Configurations: Allows customization of server configurations, imparting flexibility to meet unique necessities. 
  • Maximum Security: Enhanced security capabilities guard sensitive data and ensure a steady website hosting environment. 
  • Scalability: easily scalable to deal with developing useful resource demands and evolving commercial enterprise desires.
    Performance Optimization: Tailored for high-performance packages and web sites, presenting the most speed and responsiveness. 
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of the devoted server guarantees active identification and determination of troubles. 
  • Dedicated Support: Access to dedicated guide groups for instant assistance and technical understanding.
Plan NameEPYC CoresRAMSSD SpaceBandwidthPriceDetails
DS 12x AMD4 GB80 GB4 TB$107.06/monVisit Now
DS 24x AMD8 GB160 GB5 TB$130.16/monVisit Now
DS 38x AMD16 GB320 GB6 TB$176.36/monVisit Now
DS 416x AMD32 GB640 GB7 TB$268.76/monVisit Now

Security & Downtime

What about security & downtime?


  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): To guard websites from online threats, FastComet employs a Web Application Firewall (WAF). This protection layer facilitates clearing out and blocking malicious visitors, preventing commonplace net vulnerabilities, and enhancing average website security. 
  • Malware Removal Service: FastComet consists of a malware elimination provider as part of its safety services. In the event of a safety breach, this provider assists in figuring out and casting off malicious code from the internet site, safeguarding it against potential threats. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): FastComet gives Two-Factor Authentication as an additional security layer for user bills. Enabling 2FA provides an additional step to the login process, making it more challenging for unauthorized people to access website hosting bills. 
  • Real-Time Server Monitoring: The website hosting company employs real-time server monitoring to right away identify and address potential safety problems. This proactive approach enables the prevention of security breaches and ensures the general balance of the hosting infrastructure. 

Downtime Management: 

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: FastComet provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, assuring customers of excessive availability for his or her websites. This dedication underscores the hosting company’s dedication to minimizing downtime and ensuring top performance. 
  • Regular Server Maintenance: Scheduled upkeep is carried out with the aid of FastComet to ensure the continued fitness and overall performance of servers. These recurring upkeep obligations are designed to decrease disruptions and optimise server functionality without causing vast downtime. 
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support: FastComet’s 24/7 tracking and assistance group is vigilant in identifying and addressing any problems that could lead to downtime.
  • Redundant Network Architecture: The website hosting provider employs a redundant network architecture, which means that if one server or community component reports issues, site visitors may be rerouted through alternative paths.


What Other features Fastcomet offers

Let’s take a look at some of the important features and tools designed to assist you in the website-building process in our Fastcomet brand review.

Domain Services: 

Free Domain Registration: FastComet gives a loose area for the preliminary year with hosting plans, supplying customers with a value-powerful solution to establish their online presence. 

SSL Certificates: 

Free SSL Certificates: All hosting plans encompass a free SSL certificate, encrypting facts between websites and traffic to ensure a steady and encrypted conversation. 

Site Builder: 

Drag-and-Drop Site Builder: FastComet offers a user-pleasant website builder with a drag-and-drop interface, allowing customers to easily create and customize their web sites without the need for coding talents. 

DDoS Protection: 

Advanced DDoS Protection: FastComet implements sturdy DDoS safety measures to guard websites from malicious disbursed denial-of-provider attacks, ensuring uninterrupted access to and availability. 

Offsite Backup: 

Free Daily Backups: FastComet offers complimentary day-by-day backups of individual websites. These offsite backups provide protection for the internet, permitting users to restore their web sites to a previous state in case of statistics loss or issues. 

Free Migration: 

Professional Website Migration: FastComet enables a clean transition by way of imparting unfastened website migration offerings. Expert assistance guarantees a trouble-free switch of present websites to FastComet’s website hosting platform. 

Technical Support: 

24/7/365 Customer Support: FastComet provides round-the-clock customer support via diverse channels, consisting of live chat, a ticketing system, and phone support. Knowledgeable and responsive aid dealers help users with any web hosting-associated queries. 

Optimised Hosting: 

Performance Optimization: FastComet’s hosting infrastructure is optimised for velocity and reliability, utilising SSD-simplest garage and an international content delivery network (CDN) to enhance website overall performance. 

Website Security: 

Web Application Firewall (WAF): FastComet employs a Web Application Firewall to clear out and block malicious traffic, improving normal website safety. 

Malware Removal Service: In the event of a safety breach, FastComet provides a malware removal carrier to become aware of and dispose of malicious code from web sites. 

Service Uptime: 

99.9% Uptime Guarantee: FastComet commits to a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring excessive availability for hosted web sites and minimising the risk of downtime. 

Control Panel: 

User-Friendly cPanel: FastComet gives a person-pleasant cPanel interface, making it easy for customers to manipulate their websites, domain names, and server settings effectively. 

Data Centers: 

Global Data Center Presence: FastComet operates in 11 facilities worldwide, strategically located to lessen latency and improve website loading speeds. This worldwide infrastructure contributes to the general reliability of the hosting provider.


Hosting load time, uptime & speed

SSD Storage: FastComet harnesses the energy of Solid State Drives (SSDs) throughout its hosting infrastructure. SSD-best garage appreciably improves information get-right-of-entry to speeds in comparison to traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), resulting in quicker website loading times and improved overall performance. 

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN): Utilising a global content delivery network, FastComet guarantees that website content is shipped across servers strategically located worldwide. This reduces latency and speeds up content delivery to visitors, enhancing the overall velocity and responsiveness of hosted websites. 

Optimised Hosting Environment: FastComet’s website hosting environment is meticulously optimised for overall performance. From server configurations to aid allocation, each thing is pleasant-tuned to supply the most efficient speed and responsiveness, catering to the numerous wishes of website proprietors. 

Cloudflare CDN Integration: FastComet integrates seamlessly with Cloudflare, a renowned content delivery network carrier. This collaboration complements website overall performance through caching content material at side locations, decreasing server load, and mitigating latency for users throughout the globe. 

HTTP/2 and PHP 7 Support: FastComet supports state-of-the-art net technologies, consisting of HTTP/2 and PHP 7. These improvements make a contribution to faster web page loading times and improved normal overall performance, making sure that web sites hosted on FastComet live beforehand in terms of velocity and efficiency. 

Server-Level Caching: FastComet implements server-stage caching mechanisms to reduce the processing time for often-accessed internet site elements. This caching approach minimises the time it takes to load pages and improves the overall speed of hosted web sites. 

Content Optimization: The web hosting company emphasises content material optimization techniques, which include photo compression and minification of CSS and JavaScript documents. These practices lessen the size of net page elements, further accelerating loading instances for internet site traffic. 

Uptime Guarantee: FastComet stands by way of a 99% uptime guarantee, assuring customers of excessive availability. The commitment to uptime underscores FastComet’s determination to offer dependable web hosting with minimal downtime. 


Level of support

24/7 Availability: FastComet’s support crew is available 24/7/365. This non-stop availability ensures that customers can seek help and solve problems right away, irrespective of the time, region, or geographical area. 

Live Chat: Users can interact in real-time conversations with aid sellers for immediate assistance. 

Ticketing System: Users can post help tickets detailing their queries or problems, bearing in mind prepared and tracked communication. 

Phone Support: A direct phone line is to be had for users who pick voice-verbal exchange. 

Knowledgeable Support Agents: FastComet’s aid crew includes knowledgeable and professional experts who are well-versed in hosting technologies. 

Problem Resolution Focus: The help team at FastComet is dedicated to resolving problems effectively. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical problems, supporting internet site migrations, or addressing billing inquiries, the focal point stays on handing over answers that meet the person’s wishes. 

Free Website Migration Assistance: FastComet goes the extra mile by presenting unfastened internet site migration help. The guide team guides users through the procedure of transferring their web sites to FastComet, ensuring an unbroken transition without downtime or disruptions. 

User-Friendly Knowledge Base: FastComet maintains a complete information base containing articles, tutorials, and courses. This useful resource serves as a self-help repository, empowering customers to locate answers to commonplace questions and research more about handling their web hosting accounts independently. 

Community Forum: FastComet hosts a network forum in which users can interact with each other, share percentage studies, and search for recommendations. 

Proactive Communication: In addition to reactive guides, FastComet communicates proactively with users about gadget updates, maintenance schedules, and any ability troubles. This transparency maintains customer knowledge and establishes a sense of trust within the hosting company. 

Multilingual Support: Recognizing the various user bases, FastComet provides assistance in more than one language, catering to customers from around the sector. This multilingual method ensures that customers can communicate effectively in their favoured language.

Compare with Other

How it’s good with competitors

Host Type
Global Data Centers
Check Prices
$1.79/month – Transparent and Budget-friendly.
Host Type
FastComet offers shared website hosting, cloud VPS hosting, and dedicated CPU server solutions. Features transparent pricing without hidden fees.
FastComet: Implements an unfastened SSL certificate, a Web Application Firewall (WAF), and a malware removal provider.
FastComet: Offers loose domain registration, day-by-day backups, and unfastened internet site migration offerings.
Global Data Centers
FastComet operates in 11 global data centres, strategically positioned for international coverage
$2.75/month – Lower beginning rate.
Host Type
Bluehost provides shared web hosting, VPS website hosting, and devoted web hosting plans. Known for its simplicity and person-friendly technique. 
Bluehost: Includes a free SSL certificate, domain privateness, and SiteLock security features for more suitable protection. 
Bluehost: Includes a free domain for the first year, advertising and marketing credits, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
Global Data Centers
Bluehost has information centres, but they won’t be as enormous as FastComet’s worldwide presence. 
Inmotion Hosting Coupon
InMotion Hosting
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$2.29/month – Transparent and Budget-friendly.
Host Type
InMotion Hosting offers shared website hosting, cloud VPS hosting, and dedicated CPU server solutions.
InMotion Hosting: Provides a free SSL certificate, DDoS safety, and safety functions like hacking and malware protection.
InMotion Hosting: Includes a free domain, website migration, and BoldGrid website builder with some hosting plans.
Global Data Centers
InMotion Hosting has information centres, but they won’t be as enormous as FastComet’s worldwide presence. 


Do We Recommend Fastcomet?

FastComet, a trailblazer in web hosting considering 2013, sticks out for its innovation, transparency, and person-centric approach. With 11 global statistics facilities, it offers various web hosting solutions, from shared to dedicated servers, ensuring speed and reliability. 

The user-friendly cPanel, 24/7 help, and obvious pricing spotlight its dedication to purchaser satisfaction. FastComet’s emphasis on security, free SSL certificates, and advanced functions make it a trustworthy partner within the virtual realm. 

In a crowded hosting landscape, FastComet’s promise of overall performance and integrity sets it apart, making it a really perfect desire for individuals and corporations looking for an unbroken online presence.

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8.9Expert Score
Positively Recommended: Our Experience with Fastcomet Hosting

We recently had the opportunity to test Fastcomet hosting services, and after thorough testing, we are delighted to recommend Fastcomet to others seeking reliable and efficient web hosting. One of the standout features of Fastcomet is its innovation, transparency, and person-centric approach


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    Guillermo Techera Martino 8 February 2024 at 20:38

    Best Support Team

    + PROS: The best Support Team ever! I am super glad to have all my websites with Fastcomet, not only for how fast their servers are but also because their Support Team has been helping me at any time and with a super professional attitude. I especially want to thank the technical team, Konstantin, Ivan, Georgi, Geroge, and Nikola, for all the support provided; without them, we would not have been able to advance so quickly.
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