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Scalahosting Review

Scala Hosting, installed in 2007, is a leading web hosting company with the task of making VPS hosting handy for anyone. With a focus on stable, scalable, and easy-to-control cloud offerings, Scala Hosting has garnered over 50,000 customers and hosted 700,000 websites in its 20 years of operation.
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Scala Hosting, installed in 2007, is a leading web hosting company with the task of making VPS hosting handy for anyone. With a focus on stable, scalable, and easy-to-control cloud offerings, Scala Hosting has garnered over 50,000 customers and hosted 700,000 websites in its 20 years of operation.

Recognized as a top-rated company on Trustpilot and providing Best Cloud Hosting 2023 by means of HostingAdvice, Top-Rated VPS Host by means of PCMag, Best Email Hosting 2023 through TechRadar, and one of the Best Cloud Providers 2023 by Guru99, Scala Hosting stands proud for its commitment to excellence.

Imparting 24/7/365 support and empowering websites with scalability, speed, and protection. Choose Scala Hosting to embark on a website hosting journey that seamlessly combines the modern era with fantastic performance.

Pros and Cons

Check the pros & cons of hosting

  • Robust Performance: Scala Hosting is known for offering dependable and excessive-overall-performance web hosting solutions. The infrastructure is designed to supply rapid loading instances and superior internet site overall performance. 
  • Scalability: The web hosting plans offered by Scala Hosting are scalable, allowing customers to easily upgrade or downgrade primarily based on their evolving desires. This flexibility is especially beneficial for organisations experiencing an increase. 
  • Ease of Use: Scala Hosting gives an intuitive and user-pleasant interface, making it smooth for both novice and experienced customers to navigate and manage their web hosting debts. The manipulate panel simplifies tasks consisting of area management, file uploads, and server configurations. 
  • Security Measures: Security is a top priority for Scala Hosting. They enforce sturdy security features, such as firewalls, regular protection updates, and malware scanning, to ensure the safety of hosted websites and information. 
  • Free Website Migration: Scala Hosting provides unfastened internet site migration offerings, making it convenient for users to exchange from other hosting providers without the trouble of transferring their web sites manually. 
  • Customer Support: Scala Hosting is praised for its responsive and knowledgeable customer service group. The 24/7 help ensures that users can get assistance each time they want it, contributing to a tremendous amount of enjoyment. 
  • Transparent Pricing: Scala Hosting keeps pricing transparent and does not use hidden costs. Customers appreciate the straightforward billing structure, which allows them to understand and budget for their website hosting charges efficiently. 
  • Free SSL Certificates: Scala Hosting includes free SSL certificates with its website hosting plans, improving website safety and providing site visitors with a secure connection.
  • Limited Data Center Locations: Scala Hosting has a more restrained number of data centre locations as compared to some large hosting companies. This may additionally affect the velocity and latency for customers in certain geographical regions. 
  • No Windows Hosting: As of the last understanding update in January 2022, Scala Hosting often offers Linux-based hosting solutions. Users requiring Windows website hosting for precise programs may need to look for options. 
  • No Phone Support: Scala Hosting is predicated typically on live chat and ticket-primarily based help. While the support is normally green, a few customers opt for the option of phone assistance for greater instant help. 

Hosting Plans

Breakdown of ScalaHosting plans

Scalahosting offers a variety of hosting plans, suitable for different types of websites. Here is a full breakdown of their plans:

Managed VPS Hosting: 

  1. Free SSL Certificates: Managed VPS Hosting includes complimentary SSL certificates, ensuring stable information transmission between the user’s internet site and its visitors. This function is vital for setting up Accept as True and enhancing website security.
  2. 24/7 real-time Cybersecurity: A strong cybersecurity device operates round-the-clock to monitor and guard against potential threats. Real-time tracking complements the safety posture of the web hosting environment, safeguarding websites and facts. 
  3. Powerful Caching: Managed VPS Hosting employs advanced caching mechanisms to optimize website velocity and overall performance. Caching reduces loading times, improving user enjoyment and search engine scores. 
  4. Improved search engine optimization rankings: The hosting environment is optimized for engines like Google, contributing to advanced search engine marketing rankings. Faster loading speeds, stable connections (through SSL), and dependable website hosting infrastructure positively affect an internet site’s visibility on search engine result pages. 
  5. Flexible and Scalable: Managed VPS hosting offers flexibility, permitting users to personalize their virtual personal server environment based on specific requirements. It is also scalable, allowing clean resource enhancements to meet the demands of developing websites. 
  6. Remote Daily Backups: Daily backups of the entire server are accomplished remotely, ensuring that, in the event of information loss or website troubles, customers can quickly restore their web sites to a preceding nation. This characteristic provides an extra layer of statistical safety. 
  7. Blacklists Monitoring: The hosting environment actively monitors and addresses problems associated with blacklists. This enables the prevention of potential damage to a website’s reputation and ensures easy e-mail communication. 
  8. Improved Inbox Delivery: Managed VPS Hosting prioritizes email deliverability, decreasing the probability of emails being marked as junk mail. This characteristic is crucial for groups relying on electronic mail and verbal exchange to maintain a professional image.
  9. Anti-SPAM Protection: Robust anti-SPAM measures are carried out to clear out unwanted emails, protect users from malicious content, and retain the integrity of e-mail communication. 
  10. Developer-Friendly Environment: The web hosting environment is designed to be developer-pleasant, offering tools and functions that builders appreciate. This consists of a guide for numerous programming languages, model manipulation structures, and customization options.
Plan Name CoresRAMNVMe SSDBandwidthPriceDetails
Build#12 CPU4 GB50 GBUnmetered$29.95/monVisit Now
Build#24 CPU8 GB100 GBUnmetered$63.95/monVisit Now
Build#38 CPU16 GB150 GBUnmetered$121.95/monVisit Now
Build#412 CPU24 GB200 GBUnmetered$179.95/monVisit Now

Web Hosting: 

  1. Free and Effortless Migration for All Your Sites: Seamless transition is made viable with unfastened and easy web page migration, ensuring that transferring your current websites to the brand new website hosting platform is a problem-free experience. 
  2. 24/7 Worry-Free Technical Support from A to Z: Enjoy peace of mind with spherical-the-clock technical support protecting a huge spectrum of problems. Whether it’s troubleshooting, configuration, or widespread inquiries, responsive assistance is to be had at any time. 
  3. Anytime Unconditional Money-Returned Guarantee: The web hosting provider comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee, permitting customers the ability to assess and revel in the hosting platform risk-unfastened. If expectations are not met, a reimbursement may be claimed at any time.
  4. Free Domain and SSL Certificates: Enhance your online presence with complimentary area registration and SSL certificates. These features no longer only establish professional identification but also contribute to the security of your internet site and personal information. 
  5. Easy Website Management: Streamline website control duties with an intuitive interface. From domain management to content updates, the web hosting platform is designed to be person-friendly, catering to both novices and skilled customers alike.
Plan NameWebsiteCPU and RAMBandwidthNVMe SSDSecurityPriceDetails
Mini1SharedUnmeteredFixedStandard$2.95/monVisit Now
StartUnlimitedSharedUnmeteredFixedStandard$5.95/monVisit Now
AdvancedUnlimitedSharedUnmeteredFixedStandard$9.95/monVisit Now
Entry CloudUnlimitedGuaranteedUnmeteredUpgradeableHigh$14.95/monVisit Now

Managed WordPress Hosting: 

  1. Free, Effortless, and No-Downtime WordPress Migration: Seamlessly switch your WordPress website online with a problem-unfastened migration method that ensures minimal downtime. Enjoy the convenience of transferring your website to the website hosting platform effortlessly and without disruption. 
  2. 24/7 Expert Technical Support from A to Z: Access a spherical-the-clock expert technical guide masking a complete variety of WordPress-associated issues. From troubleshooting to customization, the web hosting service provides continuous assistance to keep your WordPress web page running smoothly. 
  3. Anytime Unconditional Money-Again Guarantee: Experience managed WordPress hosting hazard-free with an unconditional cash-back guarantee. If the hosting service does not meet your expectations, a reimbursement may be claimed at any time, offering flexibility and peace of mind. 
Plan NameWebsiteHosting PerformanceBandwidthNVMe SSDSecurityPriceDetails
WP Mini1Shared  UnmeteredFixedStandard$2.95/monVisit Now
WP StartUnlimitedSharedUnmeteredFixedStandard$5.95/monVisit Now
WP AdvancedUnlimitedSharedUnmeteredFixedStandard$9.95/monVisit Now
Entry CloudUnlimitedGuaranteed CPU and RAMUnmeteredUpgradeableHigh$14.95/monVisit Now

Email Hosting Overview: 

  1. Smooth Email Communication: Elevate your verbal exchange with a committed electronic mail hosting carrier designed for performance and reliability. Experience seamless email operations tailor-made to satisfy your commercial enterprise or private needs. 
  2. Improved Inbox Delivery: Ensure your emails attain their supposed recipients with superior inbox delivery. Email hosting optimises delivery strategies, minimising the possibility of your messages being marked as unsolicited mail and improving average reliability. 
  3. Never blacklisted: Enjoy the guarantee that your electronic mail communication stays stable and straightforward. Email web hosting services actively display and prevent blacklisting, safeguarding your recognition and ensuring uninterrupted conversation. 
  4. Daily Offsite Backups: Protect your critical email facts with daily offsite backups. This feature ensures that your emails and crucial facts are regularly backed up in a steady area, providing peace of mind and a quick recovery alternative in case of record loss.
Plan NameEmail StorageEmail AccountsEmail DomainInbox DeliverabilityPriceDetails
Startup50 GB101Standard$2.95/monVisit Now
SmallBiz100 GB505Standard$3.95/monVisit Now
Medium150 GB10010Standard$5.95/monVisit Now
Cloud50 GB Ungradable NVMe SSDUnlimitedUnlimitedImproved$14.95/monVisit Now

Security & Downtime

What about security & downtime?

Security Protocols: Look for facts on SSL certificates, firewalls, and other security measures implemented by using Scala Hosting to guard web sites hosted on their platform. 

Downtime History: Check for any historic records on downtime incidents. Reliable hosting carriers generally aim for excessive uptime percentages and feature strategies in order to minimise downtime. 

Data Backups: Understand Scala Hosting’s approach to statistics backups. Regular and steady backups are important for record recovery in the event of unexpected events. 

Customer Reviews: Read recent patron evaluations to get insights into the reviews of other customers. Pay attention to feedback on security functions and the issuer’s responsiveness throughout downtime conditions. 

Support Response: Assess the responsiveness of Scala Hosting’s customer service throughout protection-associated queries or downtime incidents. An issuer with efficient assistance can address problems promptly.


What Other features Scalahosting offers

Let’s take a look at some of the important features and tools designed to assist you in the website-building process in our Scalahosting brand review.

SPanel: SPanel is Scala Hosting’s proprietary manipulation panel, offering customers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for coping with their hosting surroundings. It permits for clean manipulation over various elements of hosting, including domain control, report uploads, and server configurations. 

WordPress Manager: Scala Hosting offers a specialised WordPress Manager that streamlines the management of WordPress websites. This tool simplifies tasks associated with WordPress installations, updates, and configurations, providing users with a convenient way to handle their WordPress web sites. 

Free SSL Certificates: Scala Hosting includes an unfastened SSL certificate with their hosting plans. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates encrypt the communication between a website and its visitors, ensuring a steady and truthful online experience. 

Fully Managed Services: Scala Hosting gives completely controlled offerings, taking care of server preservation, updates, and other technical aspects. This allows customers to focus on their web sites and businesses at the same time as Scala Hosting handles the backend operations. 

Daily Backups: Daily backups of hosted websites are executed with the aid of Scala Hosting, ensuring that users have a recent and stable copy in their records. In the event of statistics loss or other troubles, customers can restore their web sites to a previous kingdom. 

Developer-Friendly Environment: Scala Hosting caters to developers by presenting a website hosting environment that supports numerous programming languages and technologies. This includes aid for gear and capabilities that developers find precious for building and managing web sites. 

Scalability: Scala Hosting offers scalable web hosting plans, allowing customers to easily upgrade or downgrade their sources primarily based on their website’s evolving needs. This flexibility is especially beneficial for businesses and websites experiencing an increase. 


Hosting load time, uptime & speed

Infrastructure: Scala Hosting’s infrastructure plays a crucial role in determining the overall performance of hosted web sites. This includes the first-rate and specs of servers, garage systems, and networking components.

Scalability: Scala Hosting’s capability to scale assets primarily based on website demands contributes to its usual overall performance. Scalable hosting plans make certain that websites can deal with accelerated site visitors without sacrificing pace and responsiveness. 

CDN Integration: Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration can significantly enhance internet site velocity via dispensing content across multiple servers globally. This reduces latency and improves loading times for users across exceptional geographical locations. 

Caching Mechanisms: Effective caching mechanisms, such as server-side caching, can optimise website performance by storing often-accessed statistics about the person. This reduces the time it takes to retrieve and load content. 

PHP and Database Optimization: Scala Hosting’s aid for optimised versions of PHP and efficient database management contributes to quicker internet site loading times. Keeping software updated guarantees compatibility with cutting-edge overall performance improvements.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Regular monitoring and proactive preservation of servers and infrastructure are important for maintaining the most efficient overall performance. This includes identifying and addressing potential issues before they impact the velocity and reliability of hosted websites. 


Level of support

24/7 Availability: Scala Hosting provides around-the-clock customer support, 12 months a year. This ensures that customers can reach out for help at any time, which includes weekends and vacations. 

Responsive Live Chat: Users have access to a live chat aid for real-time help. The responsive live chat function allows for quick verbal exchange and troubleshooting. 

Ticket Support: Scala Hosting gives a ticket-based support gadget, allowing customers to publish inquiries or issues that could require extra-exact interest. This dependent machine ensures that user issues are addressed in a well-timed way. 

Extensive Knowledge Base: Scala Hosting maintains an intensive knowledge base that serves as a precious resource for customers. The knowledge base consists of articles, tutorials, and FAQs covering a wide variety of subjects to assist customers in troubleshooting and acquiring expertise in diverse elements of website hosting. 

Video Tutorials: To cater to unique mastering possibilities, Scala Hosting offers video tutorials that manual customers can access via common responsibilities, configurations, and troubleshooting steps. These tutorials beautify people’s understanding and self-help competencies. 

Dedicated Account Manager (VIP Support): Scala Hosting gives committed account managers for VIP clients or users with particular excessive-stage web hosting needs. This customised guide ensures that users with extra complicated requirements get hold of specialised interests. 

Transparent Communication: Scala Hosting emphasises transparent communication with users. This consists of providing clean statistics about service updates, preservation schedules, and any ability problems that can affect customers’ hosting revel in. 

Customer Feedback and Improvement: Scala Hosting values consumer feedback and constantly works on enhancing its services based totally on personal recommendations and studies. This commitment to feedback-driven enhancements demonstrates a client-centric method.

Multilingual Support: Scala Hosting provides assistance in a couple of languages, catering to a varied user base. This guarantees that users from one-of-a kind regions and language alternatives can talk effectively with the help team. 

Social Media Engagement: Scala Hosting actively engages with users via social media systems, responding to queries and providing updates. This additional channel of verbal exchange lets users hook up with the web hosting company via their desired structures.

Compare with Other

How it’s good with competitors

Host Type
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$2.95/month – Transparent and Budget-friendly.
Host Type
Scala Hosting operates its personal infrastructure and data centres, presenting VPS website hosting with a focus on security and scalability. 
Scala Hosting provides SPanel, its proprietary control panel designed for ease of use and dealing with hosting sources. 
Scala Hosting: Known for its overall performance, Scala Hosting emphasises velocity, security, and reliability, with functions like SShield Security Guard. 
Scala Hosting offers fully managed offerings, including server preservation, security updates, and other technical elements for users. 
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$2.75/month – Lower beginning rate.
Host Type
Cloudways offers managed cloud web hosting with the option to pick from diverse cloud vendors like AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, and others. 
Cloudways uses a platform that permits users to control packages and servers via a consumer-friendly interface, supporting diverse content and material management structures. 
Cloudways: Offers excessive-overall performance hosting through cloud infrastructure, allowing customers to pick out the server sources that best suit their desires.
Cloudways provides controlled cloud web hosting with a focus on automating server control responsibilities and permitting customers greater control over server configurations. 
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$2.29/month – Transparent and Budget-friendly.
Host Type
Hostwinds provides a range of website hosting offerings, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. They utilise information centres in multiple places. 
Hostwinds offers cPanel for shared website hosting plans and a customised management panel for VPS and dedicated server website hosting. 
Hostwinds: Provides high-overall performance hosting with features like SSD storage, quite a few server configurations, and alternatives for committed resources. 
Hostwinds offers both managed and unmanaged website hosting alternatives, providing flexibility for customers who select more control over their server management. 


Do We Recommend Scalahosting ?

Scala Hosting, a leader in net website hosting since 2007, focuses on democratising VPS hosting. With 50,000 clients and 700,000 websites hosted, it offers secure, scalable, and high-speed answers. 

Scala Hosting’s proprietary SPanel ensures person-friendly management, and accolades like being a top-rated company on Trustpilot and winning Best Cloud Hosting 2023 attest to its enterprise impact. 

Featuring a loose SSL certificate, a 24/7 guide, and transparent pricing, Scala Hosting caters to developers, corporations, and individuals, making it a reliable choice for a thriving online presence.

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9.1Expert Score
Positively Recommended: Our Experience with Scalahosting Hosting

We recently had the opportunity to test Scalahosting hosting services, and after thorough testing, we are delighted to recommend Scalahosting to others seeking reliable and efficient web hosting. One of the standout proprietary SPanel ensures person-friendly management, and accolades like being a top-rated company on Trustpilot and winning Best Cloud Hosting 2023 attest to its enterprise impact. 


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