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Kamatera Review

Kamatera, a part of The OMC Group since 1995, is an international cloud services provider with a large web of data centres and thousands of servers globally.
9.3/10 (Expert Score)
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Kamatera, a part of The OMC Group since 1995, is an international cloud services provider with a large web of data centres and thousands of servers globally. 

Serving startups, app developers, companies, and SMBs, Kamatera employs the cutting-edge Intel processors, achieves excessive-speed connectivity of up to 10 Gbit/sec per digital server, and utilises SSD-based garage with redundancy at each stage. 

This ensures the most effective performance, reliability, and innovation for customers coming into the forefront of cloud services. Kamatera provides 24/7/365 worldwide customer support.

Pros and Cons

Check the pros & cons of hosting

  • Superior uptime: Kamatera guarantees the accuracy and reliability of your applications and programs with up to 99.95% uptime.
  • 30-Day Free Trial: To satisfy customers, Kamatera offers a risk-free 30-day trial that allows users to experience cloud services without financial commitment.
  • Ease of use: Kamatera supports multiple operating systems, including Windows and Linux. This functionality allows users to run applications on their favourite platforms without any restrictions.
  • 24/7 Call and Chat Support: Kamatera understands the importance of fast assistance. With 24/7 call and chat support, users can get professional help when they need it, providing a good experience and quick solutions.
  • Costs for Additional Services: While Kamatera offers obvious pricing, a few users might also discover extra costs for precise offerings or capabilities beyond the basic plans. 
  • Variable Support Response Times: Users might also experience variability in assist response times, with a few queries taking longer to solve in comparison to others.

Hosting Plans

Breakdown of Kamatera plans

Kamatera offers a variety of hosting plans, suitable for different types of websites. Here is a full breakdown of their plans:

1. Cloud server

Reliable Speed: 99.95% Uptime: Our cloud servers provide stable and reliable overall performance with an amazing 99.95% uptime. You can relax confident that your apps and offerings will constantly be made, making sure that they perform continuously. 

Unlimited Scaling: You can scale your resources with our cloud server. Whether your needs expand or alternate, our platform includes their limitless scalability. As your organisation expands, virtually use the capability to intensify your services to ensure more performance. 

Price flexibility: We understand that every commercial enterprise has distinct desires. As a result, our cloud server offers lots of pricing alternatives. Choose the plan that is exceptional and suits your man or woman’s needs and price range. This allows you to reduce fees while enjoying the blessings of a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure.

PricevCPUMemory(Per RAM)StorageInternet TrafficDetails
$4/mon11024MB 20GB SSD5TBVisit Now
$6/mon12048MB20GB SSD5TBVisit Now
$12/mon22048MB30GB SSD5TBVisit Now

2. Cloud Desktop Hosting

Reliable Speed – 99.95% Uptime: Our cloud servers provide steady and dependable overall performance with an amazing 99.95% uptime. You can rest assured that your apps and offers will always be available, ensuring that they work consistently.

Unlimited Scaling: Our cloud server allows you to effectively scale your resources. Whether your requirements grow or change, our technology allows for infinite scalability. As your company grows, utilize the ability to expand your services to ensure better performance.

Price flexibility: We recognize that each commercial enterprise has unique needs. As a result, our cloud server offers a variety of price options. Choose the plan that best meets your customers demands and budget. 

3. Virtual Private Cloud 

Secure Environment: Your information’s safety is our top priority. With our cloud desktop hosting, you can experience a steady environment that employs robust measures to shield your records. Encryption protocols and superior security functions make sure that your digital computing device is protected against potential threats, imparting you with peace of mind. 

Reliable Performance: Experience regular and reliable performance with our cloud desktop hosting. Whether you are accessing packages, files, or participating with your crew, our platform ensures easy and efficient operations. Say goodbye to delay and disruption as you navigate your virtual workspace with speed and reliability. 

24/7 Support: We understand that support is crucial. That’s why our cloud desktop hosting comes with 24/7 customer service. Whether you’ve got inquiries, come upon challenges, or need assistance, our committed help crew is to be had 24/7 to offer set-off and powerful solutions, making sure that you live productively without interruption.

4. Cloud Firewalls

Explore the superior safety capabilities of our cloud firewalls, designed to strengthen your virtual presence with an extra layer of protection, limitless scalability, and steady protection. 

Additional Security Layer: Enhance your cybersecurity posture with our cloud firewalls, including an extra layer of defence to protect your infrastructure from capacity threats. Benefit from superior filtering talents, intrusion detection, and complete security protocols that make contributions to a well built and resilient protection architecture. 

Unlimited Scaling: Adapt to the changing dynamics of your virtual landscape effects. Our cloud firewalls offer limitless scalability, ensuring that your protection answer grows seamlessly alongside your expanding needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large company, our scalable solution contains your necessities without compromising on overall performance. 

Reliable Security Solution: Reliability is most important in cybersecurity. Our cloud firewalls provide a dependable protection solution, utilising current technology to protect your statistics and programs. Trust in a solution that stands as a steadfast barrier in opposition to unauthorised access, cyber threats, and potential vulnerabilities.

5. Cloud Based Load Balancers

Step right into a domain of more advantageous performance and reliability with our cloud-based load balancers, carefully crafted to deliver an unparalleled experience marked by 99.95% server uptime, wise routing, and dependable pricing. 

99.5% Server Uptime: Reliability is at the cutting edge of our cloud-based load balancers. With an impressive 99.95% server uptime, your packages and offerings continue to be constantly available. Say goodbye to downtime issues and experience an uninterrupted digital presence that line up with the needs of your customers and clients. 

Smart Routing: Empower your infrastructure with sensible routing talents. Our cloud-based load balancers use clever algorithms to distribute incoming site visitors effectively across more than one server. This guarantees the most appropriate aid usage, prevents server overload, and enhances usual machine overall performance, supplying a seamless and responsive experience for your users. 

Dependable Pricing: Navigate your virtual journey with self-assurance, knowing that our cloud-based load balancers include reliable and obvious pricing. Adapt to accommodate numerous business sizes and needs, our pricing version allows you to scale your resources without unreasonable economic burdens. 

6. Black Storage 

Discover the next degree of storage answers with Black Storage, a modern-day platform renowned for its notably dependable overall performance, multi-cause capability, and flexible pricing. 

Highly Reliable: Reliability is supreme within the virtual aspect, and Black Storage stands as an idea of dependability. With a strong infrastructure and advanced technology, our garage solution ensures the safety and accessibility of your data, presenting a stable foundation for your important records. 

Multi-Purpose Functionality: Adaptability is the cornerstone of black storage. Whether you are a business searching for a secure data garage, an innovative expert in need of enough space for multimedia tasks, or a character with numerous storage necessities, our platform is designed to serve a clutter of functions. Enjoy the power to customise your storage space consistent with your specific desires. 

Flexible Pricing: We understand that one length does not suit all. Black Storage comes with a flexible pricing version, allowing you to adapt your garage plan to suit your unique requirements and price range constraints. With obvious and scalable pricing alternatives, you have the freedom to optimise your garage solution without compromising on functionality.

7. Reseller Hosting

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with Reseller Hosting, a game-changing solution that removes in-advance investments, requires no protection, and enables you to store money as you scale. 

No upfront investment: Say good-bye to heavy upfront prices. Reseller Hosting lets you go into the web hosting business without the load of sizable preliminary investments. This fee-powerful model empowers you to focus on developing your enterprise and serving your customers without the financial hurdles that frequently accompany starting a hosting task. 

No maintenance is required: Simplify your operations with reseller hosting that demands no renovation to your element. Our platform is designed to address the technical aspects of server maintenance and software program updates, liberating you from the complexities of server control. Concentrate on expanding your reseller enterprise even as we take care of the backend complexities. 

Save Money as You Scale: As your commercial enterprise flourish, Reseller Hosting guarantees that your prices stay in check. The scalable nature of our answer method means you most effectively pay for the resources you need, allowing you to shop cash while accommodating the increasing demands of your purchasers. 

Security & Firewalls

Kamatera offers a strong suite of protection features and firewalls to ensure the utmost protection for your digital infrastructure. Explore our superior safety offerings, which include: 

UTunnel VPN: Secure, encrypted communication: UTunnel VPN guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of statistics transmitted over the network. 

Easy deployment: Simplified setup allows for quick implementation, supplying a stable connection to your servers. 

OpenVPN: Industry-popular encryption: OpenVPN employs robust encryption protocols, securing your data against capacity threats. 

Cross-platform compatibility: Enjoy the ability of OpenVPN, which’s well suited to diverse running structures, ensuring seamless integration into your environment. 

PfSense: Robust firewall competencies: pfSense presents superior firewall functions, making an allowance for the advent of a stable network framework. 

Traffic filtering and monitoring: Control and reveal community traffic with precision, enhancing usual protection and overall performance. 

FortiGate: Next-technology firewall safety: FortiGate brings modern firewall technology to safeguard against modern-day cyber threats. 

Integrated safety offerings: Enjoy a comprehensive suite of protection offerings, consisting of antivirus, intrusion prevention, and alertness control. 

Passbolt: Secure password management: Passbolt ensures a secure garage and the sharing of passwords among team members. 
End-to-cease encryption: With Passbolt, your touchy credentials are encrypted, presenting an additional layer of safety against unauthorised gain of entry.


What Other features Kamatera offers

Explore the various functions offered via Kamatera, designed to empower your virtual endeavours throughout operating systems, boxes, databases, net manage panels, web hosting environments, monitoring, internet servers, and content management systems: 

Operating Systems: Kamatera supports a wide variety of operating systems, which include both Windows and Linux distributions. Choose the OS that lines up with your specific software and infrastructure necessities. 

Containers: Embrace containerization with Kamatera’s aid for popular container symmetry platforms, which include Docker and Kubernetes. Efficiently deploy, manage, and scale containerized programs for enhanced flexibility and aid utilisation. 

Databases: Kamatera offers quite a few database answers, along with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and more. Customize your database surroundings to suit the wishes of your programs, ensuring excellent performance and reliability. 

Web Control Panel: Simplify server control with Kamatera’s intuitive net control panel. Enjoy user-pleasant interfaces that permit smooth configuration, monitoring, and control of your hosting environment. 

Web Environments and Hosting: Kamatera offers versatile website hosting environments to deal with more than a few internet packages. From shared website hosting to devoted solutions, our platform helps various net website hosting desires with scalability and reliability. 

Monitoring: Ensure the health and overall performance of your infrastructure with Kamatera’s monitoring gear. Monitor aid usage, get hold of alerts, and get admission to overall performance metrics to proactively address any troubles and optimise your surroundings. 

Web Servers: Choose from a choice of internet servers, such as Apache, Nginx, and others, to configure and optimise your web website hosting environment based totally on your particular requirements and possibilities. 

Content Management Systems (CMS): Kamatera helps diverse Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Seamlessly set up and control your selected CMS to create, edit, and put up content material efficiently.


Hosting load time, uptime & speed

Experience extraordinary overall performance with Kamatera’s complete suite of services, each carefully designed to raise your virtual infrastructure: 

Managed Cloud Services: 

Monitoring: Kamatera ensures finest overall performance with well built tracking tools, supplying actual-time insights into aid usage and system health. 

Technical Support: Benefit from expert technical help available 24/7 to deal with any troubles, offer guidance, and ensure the seamless operation of your cloud services. 

Reporting: Kamatera gives particular reporting to keep you knowledgeable about your infrastructure’s performance, enabling record-pushed choice-making for the finest efficiency. 

Application/Services Management: Streamline your operations with Kamatera’s expert control of programs and offerings, making sure they run smoothly and meet your performance expectations. 

SLA and Support Reference: Count on Kamatera’s Service Level Agreements (SLA) and reference aid documentation, presenting clean benchmarks and recommendations for provider transport and assist interactions. 

Software Licensing: 

Consolidate Invoices: Simplify your licensing management with consolidated invoices, presenting transparency and performance in tracking your software usage and charges. 

Comprehensive Support: Kamatera’s software licensing offerings come with complete support, making sure that your software program is updated, stable, and functioning optimally. 

Disaster Recovery Solution: 

Minimise Disruption: Kamatera’s catastrophe recovery answer minimises disruption by providing a strong plan to recover rapidly from unexpected activities, making sure business continuity. 

24/7 Real-Time Data Replication: Enjoy the peace of mind that incorporates 24/7 real-time statistics replication, safeguarding your statistics against capability loss and taking into consideration brief recovery on the occasion of a disaster. 

Ongoing System Monitoring: Kamatera continuously monitors your systems, figuring out capacity vulnerabilities and ensuring a proactive approach to disaster recovery. 

Instant Failover Mechanism: Experience minimal downtime with Kamatera’s immediate failover mechanism, rapidly redirecting operations to a secondary machine in the event of a number one machine failure. 

Diagonal Scaling: 

Improved Resource Efficiency: Kamatera’s diagonal scaling enhances aid performance by dynamically adjusting assets to shape the demands of your applications, optimising performance without pointless overhead. 

Reduced Costs: Enjoy fee savings with Kamatera’s diagonal scaling, as sources are allocated based totally on real-time wishes, preventing over-provisioning and unnecessary charges. 

Increased Flexibility: Kamatera’s diagonal scaling offers multiplied flexibility, permitting your infrastructure to evolve seamlessly to various workloads and making sure the greatest aid allocation.


Level of support

Kamatera is dedicated to presenting top grade assistance offerings, making sure an unbroken revel-in for our customers globally. Our help shape consists of an international aid middle that feed to numerous desires, which consist of technical assistance, sales inquiries, and billing questions. 

Comprehensive Support: 

Technical Help: Our dedicated technical help crew is prepared to help you with any demanding situations you may encounter. Whether it is troubleshooting, configuration assistance, or resolving problems, we are right here to ensure the most effective normal performance of your offerings. 

Sales Inquiries: Have questions about our offerings, or are you seeking to find out more options? Our knowledgeable sales group is to provide facts, guide, and assist you in selecting the answers that exceptionally fit your requirements. 

Billing Questions: For any billing-related inquiries or clarifications, our help centre is ready to provide transparent assistance. We recognize the importance of readability in financial subjects and try to address your billing issues effectively. 

24/7 Support through Chat, Phone, or Email: 

Chat Support: Enjoy real-time assistance via our 24/7 chat assistance. Our responsive chat carrier helps you connect to our assist group immediately, getting the help you need right now. 

Phone Support: Need immediate assistance or decide on voice communication? Our 24/7 telephone assistance guarantees that you can reach our knowledgeable assistance representatives at any time, offering personalised help based on your requirements. 

Email Support: If you opt for email conversation, Submit your inquiries, and our organisation will right away respond to cope with your worries or provide the statistics you need.

Compare with Other

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Kamatera Review
Kamatera distinguishes itself with an extra-large global infrastructure, comprehensive controlled services, advanced crisis recovery solutions, progressive diagonal scaling for efficiency, and obvious pricing. 
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$4.00/month – Transparent and Budget friendly.
24/7 Support through Chat, Phone, or Email
Rocket Booster, Let’s Encrypt, Cloudflare CDN education, Spam Experts.
Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean, at the same time as being popular for simplicity and developer-pleasant capabilities, can also have greater localised insurance and a narrower scope of controlled offerings.
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$4.00/month – Higher beginning rate.
24/7 Support through Chat, or Email
Features not explicitly highlighted.
 Cloudways, known for simplicity and versatility, may be desired for particular use instances;
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$14.00/month – Higher starting fee.
24/7 Support through Chat, or Email
Specific capabilities not explicitly cited – May lack similar services.


Do We Recommend Kamatera?

In conclusion, Kamatera emerges as a dynamic and comprehensive cloud provider company, putting new requirements on global infrastructure, managed services, catastrophe recovery, and innovative scaling solutions. 

With an unwavering commitment to performance, safety, and transparency, Kamatera now not only meets but exceeds the evolving desires of users worldwide. From exceptional reliability to futuristic capabilities like diagonal scaling, Kamatera stands as a beacon of innovation, imparting a strong foundation for groups and individuals looking for a contemporary cloud experience. Embrace destiny with Kamatera, in which excellence meets the cloud.

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9.4Expert Score
Positively Recommended: Our Experience with Kamatera Hosting

We recently had the opportunity to test Kamtera hosting services, and after thorough testing, we are delighted to recommend Kamatera to others seeking reliable and efficient web hosting. One of the standout features of Kamatera is its exceptional reliability to futuristic capabilities like diagonal scaling.


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    Best VPS Cloud

    + PROS: I've been using Kamatera for almost a year now, and even with a minimal A server, I can say the performance is 100% rock solid. I have not observed down-time or even degradation in performance. They really have the best prices, best service, best quality, with no hidden fees. Before I started using Kamatera, this would have sounded too good to be true... But it is; give them a try! I can't recommend them enough.
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