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UltaHost Review

Ultahost is extra than a hosting answer; it's your partner in virtual achievement. Experience web hosting is now not just a provider but a journey towards excellence. Welcome to Ultahost, wherein your website finds its home within the virtual universe.
9.6/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #5 in category Hosting

Discover UltaHost, a leading web hosting solution founded in 2018. Offering 20x faster and cheap web hosting with limitless bandwidth, free cPanel licence and person-friendly experience. 

Our creative and visionary is to offer reliable, convenient, and low cost hosting for any website, specialising in e-commerce. With a 4.9 out of 5 rating primarily based on critiques, Join the network of satisfied clients who have entrusted us with their digital aspirations. 

Pros and Cons

Check the pros & cons of hosting

  • 24/7 Support: Ultahost prides itself on providing round-the-clock customer support. Whether you’re in trouble or looking for guidance, our dedicated help crew is always ready to assist, ensuring that you enjoy minimum downtime and most effective overall performance. 
  • 99.99% Uptime: Reliability is at the core of Ultahost’s career. With an incredible 99.99% uptime guarantee, your internet site remains on hand to customers around the clock.
  • Database Security: Ultahost prioritises the security of your statistics, which include solid measures to safeguard your databases. Our superior protection protocols and practices make sure that your treasured data remains blanketed from ability threats. 
  • Unlimited Websites: Embrace the liberty to increase and diversify your online presence without constraints. Ultahost offers the ease of web hosting unlimited websites beneath a single account, allowing you to control and scale your virtual ventures seamlessly.
  • Renewal Prices: Introductory prices might be attractive, but renewal prices can sometimes increase significantly.
  • Data Center Locations: The location of data centers can affect the speed and performance of your website for users in different regions.

Hosting Plans

Breakdown of Ultahost plans

Ultahost offers a variety of hosting plans, suitable for different types of websites. Here is a full breakdown of their plans:

1. Shared Hosting

 At Ultahost, our shared web hosting carrier is a symphony of features designed to raise your virtual revel in. 

Free DDoS Protection: Safeguard your website from online threats with our complimentary DDoS protection. Your digital fortress is fortified, ensuring uninterrupted admission to your visitors. 

cPanel Hosting: Take control of your website hosting with cPanel – the intuitive, user-friendly interface that puts the strength of customization at your fingertips. Manage your website results easily, even if you’re new to the website hosting game. 

Unlimited Bandwidth: Break free from barriers. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth, ensuring your website can cope with site visitors spikes with no trouble. No greater demand about exceeding data caps or slowing down while it matters maximum. 

Free Daily Backups: Your records are treasured. That’s why we provide free daily backups, securing your content and configurations. Embrace peace of thoughts, knowing your website is reinforced and ready for anything. 

Bulletproof Security: Our web hosting comes with bulletproof security features, protecting your website from capability threats. Rest clean understanding your digital space is geared up to withstand the toughest demanding situations.

SSD Lightning-Fast Storage: Experience the velocity revolution with SSD storage. Lightning-fast records retrieval guarantees your internet site hundreds within the blink of an eye, imparting visitors an extraordinary browsing revel in.

Proactive Monitoring: Stay one step ahead. Our proactive monitoring keeps a vigilant eye to your website’s performance, addressing problems earlier than they impact your traffic. 

Plan Name DomainNVMe SSDBandwidthPrice Details
Shared Starter130GBUnlimited$3.29/monVisit Now
Shared Basic460GBUnlimited$5.00/monVisit Now
Shared BusinessUnlimited80GBUnlimited$10.00/monVisit Now
Shared ProUnlimited110GBUnlimited$12.99/monVisit Now

2. WordPress Hosting:

At Ultahost, our WordPress website hosting is a symphony of features designed to make your virtual presence. 

Extreme Speed: Propel your website into the short lane with intense speed. Our website hosting infrastructure guarantees that your WordPress site masses at lightning pace, presenting traffic an unequalled browsing revel in.

WordPress Pre-Installed: Say good-bye to the hassle of installations. Your WordPress journey starts immediately with our pre-hooked up setup, permitting you to dive immediately into customization and content material advent. 

SSD and NVMe Storage: Embrace the destiny of garage generation. With an SSD and NVMe garage, your data retrieval is not just speedy – it is immediately. Watch your internet site soar to new heights with this contemporary garage solution. 

Free SSL Certificate: Security is non-negotiable. Enjoy the safety of unfastened SSL certificates, making sure that your WordPress web site is not only speedy but also stable, giving your traffic peace of mind. 

Automated Backups: Your content is precious. Our web hosting comes with automatic backups, so you can be aware of your innovative endeavours while we guard your work. No greater demanding approximately information loss – it is all taken care of. 

Instant WordPress Setups: Time is of the essence. With immediate WordPress setups, launch your web page in a heartbeat. The sooner you begin, the quicker you may hook up with your target market. 

Plan NameWebsiteNVMe SSDEmailDatabasePriceDetails
Ulta WordPress130GB12$2.90/monVisit Now
WordPress Starter
100100GBFreeUnlimited$4.90/monVisit Now
Business WordPress100100GBFreeUnlimited$7.50/monVisit Now
VPS WordPress300100GBFreeUnlimited$27.50/monVisit Now

3. VPS Hosting:

Fast, Reliable, and Economical: Our VPS website hosting combines velocity, reliability, and price-effectiveness, presenting a trio that propels your on-line ventures to new heights. Experience performance without compromise.

9+ Data Center Locations: Their worldwide attainment starts off evolving right here. With 9+ strategically positioned information centres, pick out the place that aligns with your target market, ensuring foremost velocity and accessibility.

Unmetered Traffic: Break loose from obstacles. Enjoy unmetered site visitors, permitting your VPS to handle elevated facts drift without extra costs. It’s the liberty to develop without constraints.

VPS Full Root Access: Take manipulation of your virtual space. With full root access, you’ve got the autonomy to customise and configure your VPS surroundings consistent with your particular needs, unleashing your complete creative capacity.

Affordable VPS Hosting: Our VPS website hosting isn’t always just effective but additionally low priced, providing a value-powerful answer for those seeking excessive-overall performance virtual web hosting.

Managed Server: Focus on your content material, and leave the technicalities to us. Our controlled server alternative guarantees that your VPS is expertly maintained, allowing you to pay attention to what you do best.

Custom VPS Servers: Ultahost offers custom VPS servers, permitting you to choose the assets that fit your specific necessities. It’s hosting designed with you in mind.

Plan NameCPU CoreRAMNVMe SSDDedicated IPPriceDetails
VPS Basic1130GB1 IPv4$5.50/monVisit Now
VPS Business2250GB1 IPv4$9.50/monVisit Now
VPS Professional3475GB1 IPv4$16.50/monVisit Now
VPS Enterprise46100GB1 IPv4$21.50/monVisit Now

4. VDS Hosting:

Welcome to the destiny of website hosting with UltaHosts VDS web hosting – in which the subsequent generation of servers meets your digital ambitions head-on. 

5x Server Power: Elevate your online experience with VDS website hosting that supplies a whopping 5 times the server power. Unleash the entire ability of your virtual ventures with exceptional performance. 

1 Gbps Port Speed: Enter the quick lane of the internet. With a blazing 1 Gbps port speed, your records travel at lightning velocity, ensuring that your internet site or application loads within the blink of a watch. 

100% Dedicated RAM: Enjoy the luxury of a 100% devoted RAM, supplying the sources your website or application needs without compromise. It’s a commitment to performance that sticks out.

Dedicated CPUs Clock: Time is of the essence, and so is processing strength. With committed CPUs clocked to perfection, Our VDS hosting ensures that our server is ready to address even the most demanding duties with precision.

5. Dedicated Server Hosting:

Step right into a realm of digital supremacy with Ultahost’s Dedicated Server Hosting – wherein your online objectives meet unparalleled strength and reliability. 

No Setup Fees: Your adventure starts without a obsticle. Ultahost takes the problem out of the equation with no setup charges, permitting you to dive immediately into the world of dedicated hosting.

Fast, Secure, and Reliable: Experience website hosting it really is no longer simply speedy however additionally a fort of protection. Our devoted servers provide a dependable foundation for your virtual presence, ensuring your website is constantly available and secure. 

Big Amount of Storage: Unleash the potential of your statistics with a massive storage capacity. Ultahost’s committed servers offer the distance you need to increase your virtual footprint without constraints.

Root Access: Take manipulation of your server surroundings. With root getting admission to, customization is at your fingertips. Tailor your committed server to satisfy the particular requirements of your digital ventures. 

DDoS Protection: Defend your online citadel. Ultahost’s committed server hosting comes with well built DDoS protection, making sure that your website stays resilient inside the face of capability threats.

6. Window Hosting:

Easy to Use: Navigate the virtual landscape effortlessly with our consumer-friendly Windows Hosting. From setup to customization, experience website hosting is designed with simplicity in mind. 

24/7/365 Support: Your achievement is our priority. No matter the time, we’re here to make sure your hosting is easy and pressure free. 

Free to Try for 30 Days: Dive into the arena of Windows Hosting with our loose 30-day trial. Experience the capabilities, explore the interface, and notice how Ultahost aligns along with your digital goals. 

Unmetered Traffic: Break free from obstacles. Our Windows Hosting comes with unmetered site visitors, making sure your website can deal with multiplied statistics conveyed without additional costs. Scale without constraints and allow your internet site to florish.

Security & Downtime

What about security & downtime?

Dedicated Firewalls: Our virtual citadel is fortified with committed firewalls, offering an extra layer of protection against capacity threats. Your information is shielded, ensuring a secure website hosting environment. 

SSL Certificates: Encrypting your records is non-negotiable. Ultahost includes an SSL certificate to steady the communique between your website and its visitors, fostering trust and safeguarding sensitive statistics. 

Login Security: Take, manipulate or get entry to your hosting surroundings. Ultahost implements strong login security features to prevent unauthorised access, making sure that handiest legal customers can manipulate and regulate your hosting settings. 

IP Whitelisting: Control who can access your web hosting environment. With IP whitelisting, you dictate which IP addresses are allowed, adding a further layer of safety to limit access in your server. 

Database Security: Your databases are important. Ultahost prioritises database safety, implementing measures to protect your facts from capability breaches, making sure the integrity and confidentiality of your data. 

Tier 3 and Tier 4 Data Centers: Ultahost’s commitment to uptime starts with our Tier 3 and Tier 4 records facilities. These modern facilities provide redundancy and reliability, minimising the hazard of downtime due to technical issues. 

99.99% Uptime Guarantee: We take pleasure in imparting a 99.99% uptime assurance. Our sturdy infrastructure, coupled with proactive tracking and renovation, ensures that your website remains on hand for your audience around the clock.


What Other features Ultahost offers

Let’s take a look at some of the important features and tools designed to assist you in the website-building process in our Ultahost brand review.

Domain Registration: 

At Ultahost, our area web hosting revel in is described via transparency, performance, and security. We believe in retaining things clean from the beginning – no hidden charges, no surprises. 

Our pricing is straight forward, making sure that you recognise exactly what you are procuring with no unexpected costs. Experience the benefit of instant setup, allowing you to say your digital actual estate promptly and hassle-unfastened. 

Our platform offers a steady and user-pleasant interface, setting you in charge of your area with simplicity and self belief. Join Ultahost and experience a website web hosting experience wherein clarity, velocity, and protection converge for a seamless adventure within the virtual panorama. 

SSL Certificates:

Elevate your internet site’s protection and trustworthiness with Ultahost’s SSL Certificates – the parent of your on-line presence. Our certificate features the strongest encryption protocols, growing an impregnable shield around your statistics. 

Gain the confidence of your visitors to deal with bar visibility, showcasing the padlock icon that assures them of a steady connection. But it is not just about safety; it is also about boosting your on-line presence. 

Enjoy accelerated site visitors and sales as your customers feel stable and assured in navigating your website. At Ultahost, we go beyond the regular, supplying SSL Certificates hosted on effective servers with excessive-give up assets, ensuring now not simply security but aid exclusivity in your digital area. 

Join us in developing a secure, relied on, and thriving online revel in – wherein every click on is a step in the direction of fulfilment. Welcome to SSL Certificates that redefine virtual protection and raise your on-line presence.

WHOIS Checker:

Explore the digital landscape with Ultahost’s WHOIS Checker, the ultimate tool to discover the actual identity behind any domain name. Gain complete insights into the registrant’s records, which includes name and get in touch with details, turning the veil of online anonymity into a window of clarity. Whether for studies, authenticity assessments, or easy interest, this device empowers you to find out who truly owns a website. Welcome to transparency in the enormous expanse of the internet.


Other Tools and Services:

1. Reseller Hosting

Elevate your hosting commercial enterprise with Ultahost’s Reseller Hosting Solutions – fully white-classified for a unique purchaser enjoy. Stand out among competitors by providing the sector’s nice net hosting below your own brand. Welcome to reseller web hosting that empowers you to guide within the virtual panorama.

2. E-commerce Hosting

Launch your online commerce shop effortlessly with Ultahost’s Ecommerce Hosting. Choose from our range of controlled answers, prepared with unlimited bandwidth, and kickstart your business nowadays.

3. Social Network Hosting

Ready to create a social community? Leave website hosting hassles behind with Ultahost’s rapid, secure, and scalable platform. Explore a number of social community website hosting answers, and release your social community quite simply. Maximise your growth ability without the worries of coping with hosting.

4. Email Hosting 

Elevate your commercial enterprise communique with Ultahost’s Email Hosting. Secure and privacy-assured, our website hosting permits you to promote your website with each message. Get an email address that aligns along with your internet site, growing a professional and cohesive on-line presence. Experience seamless enterprise email website hosting that complements your brand and ensures the confidentiality of your communications. 

5. CRM Hosting

Ultahost offers CRM hosting solutions tailored to streamline your Customer Relationship Management procedures. Elevate your CRM platform’s performance with our rapid, steady, and reliable web hosting offerings. Experience the performance of dealing with consumer interactions, data, and analytics seamlessly. Choose Ultahost for CRM web hosting that empowers your business to domesticate lasting and significant connections together with your customers.


Hosting load time, uptime & speed

Performance: SSD and NVMe Hosting: Ignite your website’s pace with modern-day SSD and NVMe technology, ensuring fast facts retrieval and a turbocharged user experience. 

Built-In Cache: Say good-bye to lag. Our integrated cache system optimises information processing, keeping your website walking seamlessly and effectively. 

Optimised Stack: We’ve exceptionally-tuned each element for peak performance. Our optimised stack guarantees your hosting surroundings are finely calibrated for top-notch performance. 

PHP Versions: Flexibility at your fingertips. Choose from a variety of PHP versions to fit your software’s needs, making sure compatibility and adaptability. 

99.99% Uptime Guarantee: Reliability you may assume. We again support your virtual presence with a strong 99.99% uptime assurance, keeping your internet site consistently to be had in your target market.


Level of support

Expert Support: Dive into unprecedented aid with Ultahost’s team of professionals, geared up to assist and guide you through any web hosting challenges.

Active Community: Join a vibrant network of customers sharing insights and stories. Learn, connect, and develop with fellow Ultahost fanatics.

Knowledge Base: Access a treasure trove of records in our expertise base, give in depth assets to empower you in navigating the hosting landscape.

Ticketing System: Experience personalised assistance via our ticketing system, making sure your queries are addressed directly and efficiently.

Support Add-ons: Tailor your guide experience with non-compulsory add-ons, permitting you to pick out the extent of help that aligns with your unique web hosting needs.

Troubleshooting: Our troubleshooting expertise guarantees that demanding situations are hastily diagnosed and resolved, minimising downtime and maximising your web hosting reliability.

Compare with Other

How it’s good with competitors

$3.29/month – Transparent and Budget friendly.
SSD-simplest servers for quicker overall performance.
Rocket Booster, Let’s Encrypt, Cloudflare CDN education, Spam Experts.
Instant chat reaction.
$10.99/month – Higher beginning rate.
Server type no longer special.
Features not explicitly highlighted.
Chat reaction time is not emphasised.
Check Prices
$10.95/month – Higher starting fee.
Backup inclusion no longer particular – Could suggest additional costs or attempt for backup services.
Specific capabilities not explicitly cited – May lack similar services.
Chat response time no longer highlighted – May vary in responsiveness.


Do We Recommend Ultahost?

Ultahost redefines web website hosting with a triumphing aggregate of affordability, present day capabilities, and committed assistance. Priced at $3.29/month, it stands out for its performance-improving tools, strong safety features, and fast chat guide. 

The inclusion of free backups demonstrates a dedication to information protection. Ultahost isn’t always only a carrier; it’s an super hosting journey wherein transparency and value meet, propelling your digital presence to new heights. Welcome to web hosting excellence that prioritises your achievement.

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User’s ad Editor’s scores

9.6Expert Score
Positively Recommended: Our Experience with Ultahost Hosting

We recently had the opportunity to test Ultahost hosting services, and after thorough testing, we are delighted to recommend Ultahost to others seeking reliable and efficient web hosting. One of the standout features is transparent pricing.


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  1. 5

    Great support, I highly recommend it.

    + PROS: I recently came to Ultahost from another hosting company, because I needed a VPS account. At the beginning, the staff did phenomenal, they answered all my questions, and practically I had to look no further. They have a variety of hosting plans for every need, at awesome prices. So, I went for the exact service I needed and I opened an account immediately. They are quick and effective with no loops. They are awesome, I highly recommend
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  2. 4.9

    After a year with Ultahost, I’m thrilled to share a positive experience overall. The outstanding performance of their hosting services, marked by impressive page load speeds and minimal downtime, significantly contributed to a seamless user experience for my website visitors.

    + PROS: One standout feature for me was Ultahost's commitment to security. The comprehensive security measures, including DDoS protection and regular backups, provided peace of mind, and I never had to worry about the safety of my website and data.Scalability is another area where Ultahost shines. As my website grew, I seamlessly upgraded my hosting plan to accommodate increased traffic, and the transition was smooth. This flexibility is a major plus for businesses or individuals with evolving hosting needs.Customer support at Ultahost is truly exceptional. The team not only responds promptly but also demonstrates a deep understanding of technical issues, efficiently resolving any concerns I encountered. The availability of multiple support channels, including live chat and ticket support, further adds to the positive experience.The user-friendly control panel simplifies management tasks, even for someone like me with limited technical expertise. It's an excellent addition that enhances the overall user experience.
    - CONS: Just one cons is their renewal price on hosting plan.
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